Cogniteam’s Nimbus operation system gives ‘street smarts’ to Rover Robotics’ platforms, say partners in AMR

September 29, 2022

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Yehuda Elmaliah of Cogniteam

Nimbus’ low-code robotics programming capabilities give a new level of intelligence to Rover Robotics’ machine platforms. “Pre-integrating our platforms with Nimbus allows teams to reach market demands at a record pace,” says Nick Velander, CEO of Rover Robotics.

Cogniteam, a robotics company operating for over a decade and creators of the Nimbus low-code robot development operating system, has announced a partnership with Rover Robotics, developers of robot hardware platforms. Together, they will help deploy chassis and platforms to companies that are looking to develop in-house Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) without the time-consuming and burdensome task of re-inventing existing technologies.

Building an AMR can take years, requiring hardware teams to develop a platform, only then allowing software teams to begin programming the machine for its intended in-field purpose. Rover Robotics is addressing this need by providing various platforms that companies can use to add hardware, skipping over major development hurdles. “By adding Nimbus to these platforms, Rover Robotics is remaining true to their mission of building off of proven in-field experience to reduce development time and boost quality,” says Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, co-founder & CEO of Cogniteam. “Nimbus empowers companies to take these pre-developed robotics platforms and quickly drag n’ drop proven software capabilities onto them. These even include the building blocks for autonomous operations, including localisation, mapping, navigation, spatial recognition, and others.”

With rapid technological developments, the competition to meet market demands with new robots is growing. Cogniteam developed Nimbus to provide the software needed to support robotics revolution from development through cloud-connected deployment in one space. Cloud connectivity means robots can obtain new features and benefits from over-the-air updates, without ever needing to be taken out of service in a repair centre. This boosts uptime while keeping a developed machine relevant for longer, increasing the return on investments companies recognise from their deployed machines.

Rover Robotics’ chassis and platforms are filling the needs of today and remaining adaptable towards the future. “The machines developed to meet today’s specifications won’t have all the capabilities required to meet tomorrow’s demands,” says Nick Velander, CEO of Rover Robotics. “Pre-integrating our robotics platforms with Nimbus allows teams to develop, test, and reach market demands at a record pace. Cloud connectivity also allows the machines to evolve over time, preparing them to meet the unforeseen demands of the future.”

Looking forward, companies can rely on these foundational hardware and software pieces to rapidly develop or retool existing robots with Nimbus capabilities. Companies can also choose to place their proprietary or third-party components on the platform to develop and deploy an AMR for a wide or targeted sector.

The author is Nick Velander, CEO of Rover Robotics.

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