How IoT represents the intersection of cybersecurity and physical security

As the Internet of Things comes to scale, security leaders need to consider both physical and cybersecurity to safely implement new technologies.  (more…)

3G is dead – what next for product designers?

Whether you are imminently bringing out a new Internet of Things (IoT) product or have heard the rumours about 3G switch-off, it is a pivotal time in wireless networks. With 5G on the horizon and 2G beginning to close down, choosing the right technology to future-proof devices is a real challenge, says Dunstan Power, director at ByteSnap Design. (more…)

UK IoT security regulation encourages consumers to be more aware

The UK government is moving forward with its plans to create regulation for IoT devices. The move follows a broad global trend to try and lock down the burgeoning but insecure world of the IoT, says Mike Nelson, vice president of IoT Security at DigiCert. (more…)

IoT and the supply chain: Dealing with disruption

The world of logistics and supply chain is on a precipice of massive change with few daring to take the leap of faith required to bring their organisation into the 21st century. Disruption due to external factors is at an all-time high, says Lee Stacey, product evangelist at Thingstream, and every part of the supply chain needs to change. Fast. But how? (more…)