Moving home? Here’s what to do with your smart home devices

Amazon Astro is one of the most anticipated smart home tech releases of 2022. Think of it as an Alexa on wheels. Equipped with a moving 1080p periscope camera, the Astro will move around your home providing Alexa services like video chat. It can also closely integrate with Amazon Ring products to improve home security, says Jocelyn Brown, freelance technology writer. (more…)

4 challenges in IoT hardware designing

IoT development is complex and bound to uncertain challenges throughout the development lifecycle. Further breaking down the development into different components, issues in hardware design are the most critical because they can’t be rolled back. (more…)

How IoT sensors are helping to monitor and improve air pollution

Recent advances in modern technology have greatly enhanced the standard and quality of life. The internet of things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) allow better and smarter access to public transportation and amplified production of manufactured goods. (more…)

Local authority carbon neutral strategies are adding to not reducing their carbon footprint

Almost nine in ten councils have declared a climate emergency but faced with multiple, often contradictory, pressures and targets, how many have any confidence in the next steps to take? Most have highlighted the challenges of balancing carbon targets with budgetary constraints. (more…)