Book unites ‘trailblazing’ women board leaders to foster gender diversity in boardrooms worldwide

Amid the known inequity of women holding corporate board seats and, further, those chairing boards, the newly-released book ‘Dear Chairwoman’ features highly personal stories of challenges, perseverance and success from some of the world’s most esteemed C-suite women executives and board members/chairs. (more…)

5 Ways: How to increase productivity of your software development team?

The software development industry is one such industry that has consistently boomed with the introduction of every new technology in the past two decades, therefore it has always been challenging to stay on top of these trends and stay productive for IT professionals. Every year, new products and services are introduced in the market to gain a much-needed edge over their competitors. (more…)

Addressing privacy concerns fuelled by the adoption of AI

A recent report from global tech market advisory firm ABI Research has forecast that the global installed base of smart cameras with an AI chipset is set to reach over 350 million by 2025, with nearly two-thirds of cameras expected to feature a minimum of one AI chipset. (more…)

IoT integration takes centre stage in the smart homes market

As the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) picks up pace, the adoption of smart home devices is steadily increasing. By 2023, the average UK smart home will have 50 connected devices, according to Marc Allera, the CEO of BT‘s consumer division. (more…)