Powering the IoT: New network technologies and challenges

As the Internet of Things grows, so does our dependency on reliable network connectivity. New standards, regulations, and technologies are affecting networks globally so it’s important to stay abreast of these developments, says John Tippett, vice president of Datto Networking. (more…)

How is IoT shaping enterprise mobility?

The world of technology is coming out with new future concepts like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the list goes on. Also, says business analyst Elisha Swisten, there are some ingenious technologies that have a practical aspect of how the world runs. (more…)

The changing face of customer loyalty

New research shows that 76% of consumers admit they would switch to a competitor if they have just one bad experience with a brand they like. On the flipside, over half of consumers say that once they’re loyal to a brand, they’re loyal for life. (more…)

Does ‘digital’ really exist?

Digital transformation is the latest trend that every organisation, in every sector, wants a piece of. In the customer management industry in particular, ‘digital innovation’, ‘digital transformation’ or ‘going digital’ are key phrases heard on almost a daily basis, (more…)