Smart grid technologies ensure maintenance and energy market changes are hand-in-hand

The European Commission has announced plans to finance a cross-border energy infrastructure by 2050 to support its goals for climate neutrality. But, achieving this will necessitate a significant scale-up of Europe’s infrastructure. Here, Etienne Hilgen, engineer and developer at Ovarro, explains why the right choice of telemetry unit, software, SCADA and simulation systems will be crucial to maintaining this infrastructure. (more…)

Water scarcity: The critical role of nanosatellite technology in water management

When the worst drought in California’s history ended in 2017, it revealed critical flaws in state water management processes that cost the US as a whole $3.8 billion (€3.20 billion). (more…)

International Women in Engineering Day 2021: How has the pandemic impacted gender diversity?

Every June, the tech industry comes together to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. Ada Lovelace springs back onto social feeds, talented women around the globe are championed, and talk inevitably turns to what can be done to encourage more women into the sector. (more…)

The role of video and sensor tech in smart cities

With smart city and building technology on the rise to make our urban infrastructures data-driven, efficient and more liveable, there has been a focus on the place of video technology. (more…)