Will 2020 Be the Year Home IoT Cyber Attacks Get Serious?

When it comes to disruptive change, the emergence of the smart home is driving demographic, economic, and technological advancement as never before, says David P. Maher, executive VP and chief technology officer of Intertrust. This application of IoT, where private households and the devices that run them are connected to the internet, is creating an ecosystem that grew to more than 6.2 billion devices last year alone and is expected to grow to 7 billion by the end of 2020. (more…)

Data transparency for digital transformation

Capturing digital transformation data is vital for small businesses. Creating a completely transparent and data-based business culture between departments saves significant time and costs., says Arti Mehta, editor, TM Forum.


A three-step approach to successful IoT adoption

Most would agree that the adoption rate of the Internet of Things (IoT) has fallen well short of predictions. Given the proven benefits that the IoT can deliver, such as preventative maintenance and real-time asset management, it’s confounding that every company isn’t well on its way to leveraging IoT. (more…)

Maintaining activity with proactivity

Downtime due to information technology glitches is a perennial problem. You can set your watch by their occurrence in the commercial aerospace industry alone, and they’re often a direct consequence of failures in legacy hardware and software. Here, George Walker, managing director of IT/OT management software specialist Novotek UK and Ireland, makes the case for proactively upgrading legacy systems. (more…)