IoT Connectivity has never been so Simple, Transparent and Affordable

In a world of rising IoT connectivity costs, complexity and risk –1NCE delivers unbeatable pricing, cutting edge technology and maximum simplicity with their brand-new connectivity offering, a flat rate of 500MB for a one-time €10 fee over 10 years!

1NCE makes IoT connectivity as simple as it needs to be to connect everything, everywhere.

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Who are 1NCE?

What is #1NCEconnected?

Will 1NCE work for me?

Who are 1NCE?

1NCE is the first of it’s kind, a dedicated Tier 1, Narrowband IoT carrier providing fast, secure and reliable network connectivity for low data B2B applications. Our revolutionary lifetime fee enables businesses to deploy their IoT solutions faster and at unrivalled low prices, empowering growth in new and existing IoT markets. In co-operation with their partner and host network Deutsche Telekom AG, 1NCE provides transparent IoT connectivity across a vast number of territories with a special focus on Europe.

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What is #1NCEconnected?

One price and one data plan only – no extra fees, only pay once and get connectivity services for 10 years. Just buy it and use it - this is how IoT connectivity becomes plug and play:

Lifetime fee: Pay once at the beginning of service and stay connected due to our IoT flat rate.

1 tariff fits all: Forget about complex tariff portfolios. Connectivity by 1NCE comes with one data plan only.

IoT flat rate: 500MB over ten years included – additional volume bookable.

Will 1NCE work for me?

Our affordable connectivity offering enables a whole range of completely new IoT use cases, previously considered too expensive, too complex or too unprofitable.

1NCE has all your needs covered:

Comprehensive and user-friendly Connectivity Management Platform including web shop for SIM card ordering and Tariff-Plan selection, SIM card lifecycle operations and reporting.

IoT applications connect to IoT devices through an easy to configure VPN tunnel.

500 MB data volume over 10 years included. Additional volume bookable to fit the lifespan of your IoT device.

SIM card and all fees included, e.g. subscription management fees, SIM identification/authentication fee.

Full support of NB-IoT, 2G and 3G connectivity with data rates up to 128 kbit/s maximum.

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1NCE paves the way for small data that need narrowband connectivity, to create new IoT services.

Access to cost effective connectivity is holding back the development of IoT into the multi-billion device mainstream. We want to connect these devices, apps and services which have been waiting in the wings for a game changer like 1NCE.

Here are just a few examples of the many things with small datasets that need narrowband connectivity to create new IoT services, are you one of them?


High value assets

Machine tools


Pipelines, including for water

Security alarms, smoke alarms

Smart agriculture

Smart meters

Smart parking spaces

Street lights

Waste bins

White goods

Shopping carts

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Introducing the 1NCE connectivity offering – the first of its kind in the world

Alexander Bufalino, Chief Sales Officer at 1NCE, introduces the 1NCE IoT connectivity offering - the ONLY one of its kind in the world. Their disruptive entrance to the market is already redefining everything enterprises’ previously understood about IoT connectivity. The future of IoT connectivity is here and you won’t believe how simple and cost-effective it is - €10 for 10 years of connectivity? It’s now a reality. To find out more