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ENGIE Vianeo and BICS partner to enhance EV charging stations with IoT connectivity

ENGIE Vianeo, the EV charging business of energy company ENGIE Group, announced on Tuesday a partnership with international communications enabler BICS to connect its charging stations to the Internet of Things (IoT). The solution will provide real-time data which allows for remote maintenance and enhanced decision-making. Partnering with BICS will deliver seamless connectivity, security and regulatory compliance to support ENGIE’s rapid European rollout plans.

As the EU aims to enhance the availability of EV stations, ENGIE Vianeo is upgrading its charger fleet by integrating real-time data for better analytics and more effective troubleshooting. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across Europe – new electric car registrations reached nearly 3.2 million in 2023, increasing by almost 20% from 2022. However, this is driving demand for more accessible charging infrastructure. 

Last year, the EU approved a new law to add more chargers across its member states, with specific targets for 2025 and 2030. This legislation put specific emphasis on installing stations across main highways. In response to this demand, ENGIE launched its charging business, ENGIE Vianeo, last year. 

By utilising BICS’ IoT connectivity portal ‘SIM for Things’, ENGIE is upgrading its EV charging estate into a network of IoT devices to improve efficiency, reliability, and user convenience. The solution supports remote maintenance and troubleshooting, analytics on station activity, and enables remote software and firmware updates. These are determining rating criteria recognized by the users. Previous iterations of the technology have used a ‘black box’ fitted to the stations, these would collect data but have to be physically collected and processed, while this new solution means real-time, remote data collection from the highway to ENGIE Vianeo’s European supervisory centre.  

The real-time data provided by the solution will also improve customer experience, described by ENGIE Vianeo as a ‘key element of the transition to a lower-emission mobility model.’ Users will be able to see live information, via their phone app, on nearby charger availability or the charging status of their vehicle. Answering such a need to guarantee the best charging experience leads to a significant increase in attendance. 

“The appetite for electric cars is growing across Western Europe,” Clémence Fischer, managing director at ENGIE Vianeo, said in a media statement. “We aim to meet this demand by rapidly expanding our number of charging stations. In France alone, we aim to have 12,000 charge points by the end of 2025. In Belgium, we expect to double the current number of charging stations to exceed 5,000 charge points by the same date.” 

Fischer added “Managing such a large, dispersed estate presents challenges, so alongside BICS, we’re investing in technology to give us complete visibility over our infrastructure. This will help us improve the prompt response of our services and keep stations maintained and running reliably, so they’re always ready and available when customers need them.” 

Due to the typical locations of charging stations, in built-up metropolitan areas or remote highways, mobile connectivity (as opposed to fixed fibre) is a must. BICS is making this simple for ENGIE Vianeo, providing the internet connection, the SIM cards to connect the charging stations, and its SIM for Things platform for easy setup and maintenance. While the initial rollout for these ‘connected chargers’ will focus on Belgium, they will later expand across Western Europe, including France, Italy and Spain. Around 50,000 devices are expected to be deployed as part of the collaboration.    

“IoT technology augments businesses by enabling real-time visibility across their operations, from the management of moving parts within factories to devices distributed across the globe,” says Mikael Schachne, CRO Enterprise at BICS. “Enabling EV vehicles to access charging stations anywhere is essential as we look to achieve a more efficient and carbon-neutral mobility infrastructure. We are very pleased to partner with ENGIE Vianeo to accelerate their rollout, reducing the complexity with ‘plug-and-play’ SIM connectivity to rapidly and easily connect smart chargers across Europe.”

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July 10, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

KORE appoints Bruce Gordon as executive VP, COO to drive IoT operational excellence

KORE Group Holdings, an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and pioneering IoT hyperscaler, announced on Monday that Bruce Gordon has joined as executive vice president and chief operating officer (COO), effective July 2, 2024. Gordon brings over three decades of technology sector experience, having held multiple significant leadership roles. 

Most recently, Gordon served as chief executive officer and executive chairman of GeoDigital, a provider of 3D services and geospatial intelligence software. Previously, at ABB Ventyx (formerly Mincom), Gordon served as senior vice president for business solutions. Prior to this, Gordon held roles of chief technology officer at Infor, an enterprise software company, overseeing technology strategy through a significant period of growth which included the acquisition and integration of 27 companies, and chief operating officer at Descartes where he was responsible for a significant business transformation.

“I am thrilled to join KORE and lead our operational strategies during this exciting period of expected growth,” Gordon said in a media statement. “With a focus on innovation and customer-centred solutions, I look forward to working with the talented team at KORE to drive operational excellence and deliver unparalleled value to our customers.”

In his new role as executive vice president and COO of KORE, Gordon will focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth. His leadership will help optimise KORE’s internal processes, leverage human talent and maximise market opportunities to solidify the company’s position as a leader in IoT.

“We are delighted to welcome Bruce to the KORE executive team,” said Ron Totton, interim president and CEO of KORE. “Bruce’s extensive experience and proven track record in transforming organisations and driving growth will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

In connection with his employment, the company made a grant to Gordon of an aggregate of 100,000 restricted stock units (RSUs), where each RSU represents the right to receive one share of the company’s common stock upon the terms and conditions of the related RSU award agreements. The grant of RSUs was offered as a material inducement to Gordon’s hiring.

The RSUs were granted by the Compensation Committee of KORE’s Board of Directors, in reliance on the employment inducement exemption under the NYSE’s Listed Company Manual Rule 303A.08, which requires public announcement of inducement awards. 

The RSUs were granted outside the KORE Group Holdings, Inc. 2021 Long-Term Stock Incentive Plan, but will be governed by the terms of the Plan as if they were issued under the Plan.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the award agreements, 10,000 RSUs shall vest on the first anniversary of the grant date, 27,500 RSUs shall vest on the second anniversary of the grant date, 27,500 RSUs shall vest on the third anniversary of the grant date, and 35,000 RSUs shall vest on the fourth anniversary of the grant date, subject to Gordon’s continuous employment or service to the company through the applicable vesting date.

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July 9, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Harada and UnaBiz develop initial Sigfox 0G film antenna tracking for autos

Automotive antennas company Harada Industry has teamed with UnaBiz, a massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and integrator, to design and manufacture Sigfox 0G technology-based vehicle tracking solution and in-vehicle antenna for the automotive industry.

The collaboration between Harada and UnaBiz involves joint efforts from R&D teams to create a ‘Film-type Vehicle Smart Tracker,’ empowered by Sigfox 0G technology, that can be attached to the windshield of automobiles. 

The transparent film tracker will not obstruct the driver’s view, and its placement at the top of the windshield improves the radio wave environment, enhancing Sigfox 0G network reception. This retrofit tracker will be followed by fully integrated Sigfox-based solutions that automotive manufacturers can embed directly during vehicle assembly. Combined with Harada’s advanced antennas, the integrated solution will open a broad range of use cases for the industry.

Micware, a tier 1 in-vehicle platform software provider for automotive control and car navigation systems, and an existing partner of Harada will also be working with UnaBiz to develop the tracking and telemetry software platform.

Harada is located in 13 cities across 9 countries, supporting Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Central America markets. At the same time, UnaBiz has networks deployed in over 70 countries worldwide through its global 0G operators empowered by Sigfox 0G technology.

Keigo Harada, executive officer of Harada expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “It is a pleasure working with the UnaBiz team to combine our expertise in radio communication technologies to advance the automotive sector. Sigfox 0G and its global footprint are powerful, yet simple and elegant LPWAN technology that are straightforward to integrate into our portfolio of vehicle products and antennas. We are committed to leading the way, driving technological innovations that provide the best products and services for our customers.”

“We are excited to work with Harada, a world-class supplier for global automakers as we see more and more Sigfox 0G technology engagements and applications in the automotive sector,” Alexis Susset, CTO of UnaBiz said. “Our automobile OEM customers in Europe and Japan are leveraging Sigfox for asset tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, and telematics. Harada’s antenna knowledge is unique and a key enabler for us to expand globally and deploy solutions tailored to the automotive sector. We couldn’t be more excited to launch such a key collaboration in an industry we look forward to supporting in its digital transformation.”

“Micware is thrilled to collaborate with Harada and UnaBiz, both leading experts in their fields, to revolutionise the future of vehicle tracking and telematics,” Takuma Segawa, executive director of Micware added. “We will contribute our deep knowledge of software and other digital tools to build industry-leading solutions and products to build modern and inspiring experiences for end-users.”

Harada and UnaBiz are set to explore various commercial strategies for the newly developed automotive products, with plans to introduce them to the market by the second half of 2024.

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July 8, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Aqara debuts Roller Shade Controller T1S with Matter-over-Bridge support

Aqara debuts Roller Shade Controller T1S with Matter-over-Bridge support

Aqara unveiled on Thursday the Roller Shade Controller T1S, a tubular motor supporting Matter compatibility over bridge for superior interoperability across smart home platforms and devices. A solution that blends into any interior, this motor offers homeowners enhanced convenience, energy efficiency and privacy. By automating shades, it eliminates the need for manual adjustments, providing holistic smart home experience.

Whether through remote control, preset schedules, mobile apps, voice assistants, or complete home automation, the Roller Shade Controller T1S makes it a breeze to adjust multiple shades simultaneously, including those in hard-to-reach windows. It features a myriad of automation and controls that intuitively respond to users’ needs, allowing for the creation of ambience, adjustment to lighting throughout the day, temperature regulation in concert with other smart devices, and enhanced privacy from the outside world.

Compatible with various window coverings such as roller shades, zebra roller blinds, Shangri-la blinds, and honeycomb blinds, this Zigbee-based roller shade motor offers maximum flexibility and seamless integration with Matter-compatible platforms via an Aqara Matter bridge. 

The T1S connects with Aqara Home and third-party platforms including Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Home Assistant, Homey, and SmartThings, offering homeowners greater choices in creating personalised smart home scenes and automation.

Featuring advanced DC motor technology, the Roller Shade Controller T1S operates at a high speed of 25 rpm while maintaining a low noise level of under 27 dB, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation, focus, and productivity. The Aqara Home app supports even quieter operation of the motor by allowing it to open or close slowly and gradually over a preset time period, such as 30 minutes.

Last week, Aqara released Smart Lock U50, its latest addition to the smart lock product line. Aiming to bring convenience and added security, the entry-level solution comes equipped with advanced features like Apple home key unlocking and Matter compatibility over a bridge. The launch transforms traditional key access into a keyless, integrated experience for more households.

The Smart Lock U50 offers multiple secure entry options including Apple home keys, which allow for effortless unlocking with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch. Homeowners can also manage and share home access with one-time and recurring passwords, as well as NFC cards. Physical keys are provided for added peace of mind, and the lock includes a USB-C port for emergency charging, ensuring access is never lost even if batteries are depleted.

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May 31, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

composite of hand pointing at graphics with city backgroun

Afero signs US CISA’s Secure by Design pledge to boost IoT supply chain

Afero announced that it has signed the Secure by Design pledge from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), making it the first secure IoT platform company to do so. The move highlights the company’s dedication to delivering enterprise-grade security for IoT endpoints, including devices that may lack sufficient memory and processing power to support traditional operating systems.

The IoT Platform as a Service by Afero focuses on security, data privacy, simplicity, and user-friendliness throughout the end-to-end experience. These core principles are seamlessly integrated into the solution, empowering manufacturers and brands to safeguard their supply chain. 

Afero’s technology is utilised in millions of devices spanning 150 product categories from over 50 manufacturers, including brands like Defiant, Hampton Bay, and EcoSmart.

“Our mission at Afero has always been to enable connected devices to be smart and secure,” said Joe Britt, CEO and co-founder of Afero. “By signing the CISA Secure by Design pledge, we are reinforcing our commitment to leading the IoT industry with robust security measures that extend all the way to the endpoint, even the most constrained devices. This pledge aligns perfectly with our core values and ongoing efforts to safeguard the IoT supply chain.”

The CISA Secure by Design pledge is a voluntary commitment to improve the security of enterprise software products and services, including on-premises software, cloud services, and software as a service (SaaS). While the pledge does not currently include physical products such as IoT devices and consumer products, Afero has been committed since its founding to extending this same secure-by-design philosophy down to physical products such as high-volume consumer devices.

“The surging demand for connected devices will make IoT security more critical than ever,” said Bret Jordan, the company’s chief security strategist. “Afero is at the forefront of securing this hyperconnected edge, ensuring every device, no matter how small, remains secure. As the first IoT platform player to sign the CISA pledge, we’re demonstrating Afero’s unwavering dedication to this cause.”

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May 30, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Semtech joins Console Connect to expand connectivity coverage in APAC

Semtech and Console Connect jointly announced their collaboration which will expand Semtech’s connectivity coverage across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for its AirVantage Smart Connectivity service.

Semtech is leveraging Console Connect’s IMSI service and extensive partner roaming network to extend the reach of its AirVantage Smart Connectivity service to more markets and locations across the APAC region.

AirVantage Smart Connectivity service provides customers with a network of global cellular service providers, enabling flexibility by seamlessly switching to the next available network for constant and resilient global connectivity. The multi-profile, multi-network service offers global coverage for deployments of both fixed and mobile applications, overcoming regulatory and roaming restrictions.

Console Connect provides automated IoT connectivity coverage and direct access to the cloud in over 180 countries worldwide, with extensive reach and competitive pricing throughout the APAC region, enabling Semtech customers to experience seamless and affordable roaming.

“This collaboration not only expands our presence in APAC with access to the full range of LTE technologies, but also extends global access to the best networks in terms of speed and coverage for our Smart Connectivity offering and its growing customer base,” says Rupa Datta, senior director of product management, managed connectivity at Semtech.

“We are excited to be Semtech’s connectivity partner of choice for the APAC region, where our features and network offer comprehensive reach and reliability,” according to Yogesh Lulla, vice president for mobility services at Console Connect. “With IoT deployments accelerating across the region, this collaboration facilitates businesses to keep devices always connected.”

AirVantage Smart Connectivity offers resilient coverage, maximises uptime and provides seamless expansion into new markets with access to over 600 partner networks in over 190 countries and territories via one global SIM. The service seamlessly switches to available networks to enable critical assets to stay connected.

With multi-network connectivity, the service delivers maximum coverage and performance with ultimate versatility for customers needing ‘always-on’ connectivity by finding the best data-capable connection for continuous operation.

Leveraging the latest network automation technology, Console Connect IoT enables businesses to orchestrate and manage their connectivity using Console Connect’s fast, secure and private high-performance global network.

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May 3, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Spark IoT joins Iota for advanced smart water metre management for councils

Spark IoT (Internet of Things) has announced a partnership with Iota, a wholly owned subsidiary of South East Water to bring its enterprise IoT platform Lentic and a new generation of smart water metre technology to local councils and water utilities in Aotearoa. 

In Australia, Iota is well progressed in a project to deploy 70,000 smart water metres for the Toowoomba Regional Council in Queensland. The metres and associated data will be managed by Lentic, Iota’s fit-for-water IoT enterprise platform to give the Council accurate data and real-time water usage updates as well as early detection of customer leaks, leading to water savings and improved planning decisions.  

The Lentic solution is a key pillar in the Council’s digital transition as they embrace IoT and the integration of data across various enterprise systems to provide valuable insights, help residents monitor water usage, and enable the Council to proactively manage its water network. 

“IoT and other high-tech solutions are a natural enabler in helping local councils and communities in Aotearoa to more effectively manage water as an essential resource,” Philippe Boulanger, Spark IoT Growth Lead says. “As we continue to face the impacts of climate change and more frequent and extreme weather events, it is critical to better understand how precious natural resources such as water is sourced, treated, and distributed.” 

Boulanger adds that advanced digital technologies such as IoT is an important enabler of these processes due to near real-time monitoring and detection capabilities of these devices over a dedicated, nationwide NB-IoT network. “IoT is now reaching a level of maturity where they have the potential to solve important challenges where it wasn’t possible in the past.”   

 “As water authorities deploy large numbers of IoT devices to monitor water and wastewater networks, it is critical to manage the devices and to be able to trust the unprecedented volumes of data coming in,” Daniel Sullivan, Iota CEO says. “Lentic is the enterprise IoT platform designed by a water utility, with in-built rules and alarms to validate the data and support the many different use cases such as automated customer leak notifications. Water is our most precious resource, and the best way we can protect it is to be able to accurately monitor it and the networks in which it flows.” 

 Last year, Spark IoT also announced a partnership with GreenBe, an Australian cloud-based customer engagement solution, which utilises data from Lentic to display consumption dashboards for customers and notifications when water usage goes beyond a certain threshold. Lentic and Greenbe are effectively deployed by the Toowoomba Regional Council for their smart water metre program.

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May 2, 2024

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Chainway Introduces New RFID Products for the Future of IoT

Sponsored news) Chainway has recently launched a series of high-performance radio frequency identification (RFID) products to serve the broader market.  The new products include handheld RFID readers, RFID scanners, fixed RFID readers and RFID printers. These products can help users take productivity and productivity to a whole new level.

C5 handheld RFID Reader

C5 integrates a diverse range of data acquisition functions including high-performance barcode scanning, fingerprint recognition, NFC, dual PSAM cards and high-definition to meet the application requirements of a wider range of industry scenarios.  The latest handheld RFID reader with industry-leading UHF performance is based on the Impinj E710 chip. There are two models, the 6-inch big screen model with a larger reading area and the 5-inch screen (with fingerprint function) model which suits industries with higher security requirements. Both models come with an extra-large 6700mAh battery. A 13400mAh removable handle battery is available as an option.

SR160 RFID Scanner

The new RFID scanner supports both UHF and 1D/2D capabilities through its three operating modes: single barcode scanning, single ultra-high frequency (UHF RFID) scanning and hybrid scanning, which can be flexibly switched among each other through physical buttons. Its UHF performance is intrinsic in this application based on the Impinj E310 chip. SR160 has adopted optimised ergonomics in design to form a compact scanner with comfortable grip. The scanner is available in both wired and wireless versions and is widely applicable in retail chains, supermarkets, logistics and other fields.

U300 Fixed RFID Reader

Employing Android 11 operating system and quad-core 2.0GHz CPU, the new reader possesses data processing capabilities. Based on the Impinj E710 / R2000 chip, the reader has stronger UHF performance. U300 Integrates RS232, RJ45, HDMI and other interfaces and supports multiple DC, POE, POE+ power supply modes. The new generation reader can meet the application needs in complex environments such as warehousing, file management, library management, production line management, medical equipment cabinets and unmanned retail.

UR1A Integrated RFID Reader

Adopting self-developed high-performance module based on Impinj E710 / R2000 chip, combined with the integrated high-performance antenna, the new UR1A is a powerful single-channel fixed UHF reader. The reader supports RS-232, RJ45, and multiple trigger terminal communication interfaces. UR1A is widely applicable in warehousing, file management, library management, banking, production line management and other fields.

CP30 RFID Printer

The newly launched RFID printer supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods. Equipped with 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, multiple communication interfaces and adaptive print head resolution, CP30 can accurately and quickly print various barcodes, RFID tags, tickets, wristbands, etc., which can fully adapt to the printing needs of numerous industries.

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November 14, 2023

Posted by:  Matthew Margetts

Chainway Introduces an All-New RFID Printer for Next-Generation Enterprise

(Sponsored news) The all new CP30 radio frequency identification (RFID) printer from Chainway delivers stunning printing speed and precision through both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. It accurately and speedily prints barcodes, RFID tags, invoices, wristbands, etc., at speeds up to 8ips (203dpi)/6ips (300dpi), and manoeuvers exact positionings and prints of small 10mm-wide tags and batches of RFID tags placed only 20mm apart. The printer even automatically identifies print heads of different resolutions and prints swiftly in any scenario. The outstanding capability easily meets the printing requirements of a wide range of industries.

CP30 supports touch and visual operation via a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, and achieves offline operation with its USB HOST functionality.  The premium security and compatibility copes easily with various consumables and printing specifications. Moreover, the multiple communication interfaces including USB-B, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0/BLE, and wireless network card means the printer can stay connected any time anywhere.

Developed by a leading global supplier of data capture devices in the AIDC industry, Chainway, the new RFID printer brings faster and more efficient printing experience to users with unmatching printing performance thanks to the impeccable alliance of powerful RFID module, advanced built-in chips, massive internal memory, and high-speed data processing.

The all-new CP30 RFID printer is compact, efficient, simple to operate, stable and durable. It is your best companion in asset management, medical, warehousing, logistics, anti-counterfeiting and other fields.

About Chainway

Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional data capture device supplier in the AIDC industry.

Chainway designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of AIDC products, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, handheld and fixed RFID readers, rugged tablets, RFID modules, handheld fingerprint scanners and accessories.

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Posted by:  Matthew Margetts

AI and Big data expo global banner

AI and Big Data Expo Global will take place in London in under 2 months!

The AI and Big Data Expo Global is back in London, from November 30th – 1st December 2023. This premier international conference and exhibition will be held at the Olympia, London, showcasing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and big data technologies and promises to be a game-changing event for tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and businesses alike. (more…)

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October 10, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska