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Minew is a professional turnkey supplier that provides complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to physical products. Minew has focused on R&D and innovations in IoT fields since 2007. We provide high-standard IoT solutions, products, and services to keep up with customer demands all the time. Minew commits to connecting the world with our wireless products and technologies including but not limited to Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, AoA, RTLS,RFID, GPS, UWB, LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT.

Our Bluetooth electronic shelf label (ESL) helps effectively process information in a centralized and accurate way, reduce costs and improve profitability. We provide high-quality products and solutions for digital healthcare, warehouse, office, retail, and other consumer areas. Also, Minew has rich experience in the design and manufacture of Bluetooth / UWB modules. Our BLE 5.0/5.1 module integrates low consumption, powerful Nordic nRF52 series SoCs, achieved excellent performance, which has a faster time to market with global certifications.

Welcome all OEM/ODM Projects. With a group of experienced and efficient R&D staff, well-coordinated workers in the production lines, Minew are ready to design and manufacture to customers exact specifications for OEM/ODM commitments with excellent services to meet your unique plans, designs, and ideas, including design in concept, hardware and software, project evaluation, product manufacture, and more exclusive customization services. With the experience of know-how in wireless communication, Minew provides state-of-the-art products and secure data processing technologies to boost your business.

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