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Minew F6 Smart Finder Works with the Apple Find My

September 1, 2022

Posted by: Shenzhen Minew Technologies Co.,Ltd.

(Sponsored News) Surprise revealed: last week, we hinted that one brand-new Minew tag was authorized to use the Apple Find My Network. Today, it’s time to reveal – Minew’s F6 Smart Finder has successfully integrated with the Apple Find My Network to help users find lost things! You can now keep track of your things with Minew F6 Smart Finder on the Apple Find My App.

F6 Smart Finder is an item finder supporting Bluetooth® 5.0 that helps you locate your personal items using the Apple Find my app on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, or Mac. With its portable design and positioning features, F6 enables you to keep your stuff safe without losing them anymore.

One tag, one app, find it all.

As we know, Apple officially opened the Find My Network to third-party manufacturers in April 2021, which means users can locate many non-Apple devices with the Find My-enable tags in the same way you can locate your Apple devices. However only 2% of third-party devices requested were passed by Apple worldwide, and we were one of them.

Now, the Find My app has authorized F6 Smart Finder to use the private and secure Apple’s network that comprised hundreds of millions of Apple devices as a technological advantage. Based on the vast Find My network, third-party participants like us now can apply verified tags such as F6 for customers to locate and keep track of the important items in their lives.

The Find My network, which includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide, advanced end-to-end encryption, and industry-leading security, allows users to easily locate their belongings in the Find My app while remaining confident that their privacy is protected.

“I just lost it for 30 seconds.”

To be sure, you don’t even have a chance to lose your targeted items with the F6 Smart Finder attached. F6 makes finding objects fun and easy with its powerful positioning capabilities and excellent performance. Considering that the F6 is portable (dimensions: 45 * 45 * 6.5 mm), you can attach it to any backpack, key ring, or any other item you like for tracking at will, and the weight of only 20 grams makes it almost unnoticeable.

Like the Airtag, the F6’s battery is replaceable and durable. One of the interesting things is that we can often accidentally drop a gadget in a corner, and even though we might know it’s nearby, we can’t pinpoint it. At this point, F6’s buzzer up to 90 dB can help users to determine the exact location of the item given the buzz emitted, just like hide and seek.

Surprise is still unfolding  

Minew understands that the Find My authorization of F6 Smart Finder is a reflection as well as an affirmation from Apple of the company’s technological strength and product quality. The whole authorization process is very practical, not only facilitates and enhances the customer’s user experience but also allows customers to have more diversified high-quality choices. Moreover, it contributes to the technical refinement of the Find My Network itself, further improving the usability of related functions and helping to cultivate the market.

With the addition of more and more verified third-party manufacturers such as Minew and dependable tags like F6, Apple’s Find My ecosystem will grow increasingly larger, and item positioning and tracking will become more accurate thereby reducing consumer property and data loss.

Today, Minew’s exploration of the Apple Find My Network is continuing. We are on the track to developing more reliable Find My-enabled products like F6 Smart Finder for people’s convenience. Can’t wait to see more Find My accessories coming, and we are all just on the edge of hearing more exciting news!