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Quick & simple! Minew’s B10 wristband Emergency Button is designed for priorities, whose caregiver can track the movement and status of the wearer, and assistance can be provided when necessary. In case of emergency, users can also call for help by pressing the button on B10.

Technical Specification

Size: Φ38*10.5mm (main body), 270*41*11.7mm (wristband case), 47*40*11.7mm (hanging case)
Materials: ABS+Silicone
Battery: Lithium polymer battery
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Weight 11g (main body), 30g (wristband case), 22g (hanging case)
Color Black & Red
Operating Range Temperature: -20~50℃ / Humidity: 50±20%RH
Bluetooth protocol BLE 5.0
Waterproof IP66
Built-in sensor Accelerometer
Broadcasting range Up to 100m


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