IoT Products

JetWave 4110L is an outdoor LoRa gateway. Developed with LoRa wireless protocol, the gateway can be used to construct the private network*. Thanks to high output RF power and high sensitivity design, the transmission distance is up to 40KM. It is a good choice for node geographically dispersed application. It come with RS 485, Analog/Digital Input and Digital Output interfaces. The various functions allow it to connect the existing terminal devices such as host controller (PLC), sensor and driver. Furthermore, it supports DC power output 5V/200mA for external subunits. 
By combining industrial IoT nodes with JetWave 4110L, the data can be reported to server via LoRa wireless technology. Modus RTU and string commands is available for remote setup or status inquiry. Hence, it simplifies the complexity of remote management and provides a new solution for IoT market

Technical Specification

  • LoRa Wireless data link provide stable data stream.
  • Outdoor IP68 design.
  • High output RF Power and high sensitivity provide more than 40KM transmission distance.
  • Multi-Interface support RS-485 / Analog or Digital Input / Digital Output.
  • Resist the water, dust, temperature and shock and meet with the IP68 standard.
  • Analog Input support 0~10 V / 4~20 mA / ADC
  • Digital Output support PWM / Latch Mode.
  • AUX I/O support remote setup/status inquiry function.