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Chainway RFID Sled Reader R6 features powerful UHF reading and writing (Impinj R2000 chip), and barcode scanning with high sensitivity. You can attach mobile phone to R6 UHF Sled Reader for a complete one-piece solution. The device can be widely deployed in clothing inventory, warehouse management, vehicle management, financial management and so forth.

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Technical Specification

Dimensions 143x76x135mm / 5.63x2.99x5.31in
Power Battery specification: 5200mAh
MCU Cortex-M3, 72MHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, BLE
1D/2D Scan Engine (Optional) Zebra Scan Engine
RFID Frequency 865MHz-868MHz / 920-925MHz / 902-928MHz
RFID Read Range 22m (indoors); 8m (outdoors) (*Ranges and depend on tags and environment)