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Thanks to the advent of high speed 4G network, WLINK Bus Wi-Fi solution provides passengers a meaningful on board Wi-Fi hotspot service to check email, surf internet and local entertainment during their journey. The service works like any fixed hotspot in hotel, coffee bar or airport.

The WLINK Bus Wi-Fi solution mainly includes three parts:

        1). WLINK robust industrial 4G/3G Router

        2). Wi-Fi Captive Portal

        3). WLINK Bus Wi-Fi management platform

Technical Specification

1). WLINK robust industrial 4G/3G Router

  • WLINK four series 4G/3G rugged design Router available including R200, R210, R520 and G500
  • 4G high speed  Support worldwide 4G network
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band 802.11n&ac Wi-Fi (G500) 
  • GPS Fleet Tracking and Management (Optional)
  • Expansion SD Slot / USB storage (Optional)
  • Redundant SIM Slot for automatic switching for reliable network

2). Wi-Fi Captive Portal

WLINK 4G/3G router comes with a customizable captive portal where shows a welcome message informing the passenger of the conditions of access, may allow the passenger to login, require authentication, payment and acceptable use policies, the captive portal optional contents splash page for images and video advertising.

3). WLINK Bus Wi-Fi management platform

  • Remote Management With the platform, the operator can remotely manage and monitor all of routers, Wi-Fi users status, update configuration files, firmware upgrade and advertisement Update.

  • Bandwidth Management  It prevents one user from using too much bandwidth by watching a high resolution video and slowing connection for others.

  • Data Traffic Management   Share Wi-Fi together and prevent user occupy too much data traffic of SIM card.

  • Statistics  Statistics such as router online rate, data traffice diagram, Wi-Fi users information and so on.




Power Supply » DC Voltage Supply » 5-48V
Mechanics » Mounting » Other
Mechanics » Vibration » Shock Resistant
Environment » Temperature Range » Automotive (-40°C / +85°C)