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WLINK RT600 series RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is a cellular communication device to be deployed at a remote location to collect and code data into a transmittable format and transmit it to the central station or master. It's developed especially for data collection and data transmission for IoT / M2M applications.

RT600 offers two serial ports and I/O ports, can connect to a variety of fields devices. It can convert user serial data to mobile 4G/3G/2G IP network data and transmit the data to customer’s data master via transparent TCP/UDP protocol. DI ports support various of digital signals like door sensor, smoke detector. AI ports support 4~20mA/0~5V signals like temperature sensor, humidity sensor. Moreover, RT600 is programmable for users to customize DI/AI ports and Modbus properties according to various application requirements.

RT600 is a smart remote internet-ready RTU with unique compact hardware and software designs, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial automation and monitoring applications including Cold Chain Logistics, Oil & Gas, Power, Environment Protection, Water Conservancy and Lighting control monitoring etc.

Technical Specification

Basic Features

  • Integrated 4G/3G/2G cellular communication

  • Programmable 

  • Standard PPP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol

  • Industrial pluggable terminal block

  • RS232 port for configuration

  • RS485 port for Modbus RTU

  • Short message service (SMS)

  • Transparent data transmission

  • Data service center with dynamic IP address



  • 2 Analog & 2 Digital inputs

  • Memory data storage optional

  • Built-in RTC, support real-time clock

  • APN and VPDN private network

  • LED status indication

  • Wide range voltage input

  • External power on/off control

  • GPS Optional


Enhanced Features

Multiple operation modes

  • Always online, automatically connect to 4G/3G/2G 

  • Off-line when idle, online mode triggered by user


  • Online/offline control by commands via user equipment

  • Data loop test

Flexible and utilitarian data 


  • TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SMS and AT

  • Self-defines transparent or protocol communications

  • Self-defines customized data frame separator

  • Self-defines reconnecting interval

  • Self-defines heart-beat data frame

Parameters configuration and 

remote management

  • Built-in parameters configuration menu

  • RTU Configuration tool based on PC

  • Remote parameters configuration via RTU Management


  • Remote parameters configuration by SMS

  • Parameters configuration via AT+ command






Power Supply » DC Voltage Supply » 5-24V
Mechanics » Vibration » Shock Resistant
Environment » Temperature Range » Industrial (-25°C / +65°C)
Interface » Bus System » M-BUS
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Analog