IoT Products

      ●  Strong Penetrating Ability, Long Transmission Distance
      ●  Strong Anti-interference Ability and Reliable Transmission
      ●  Low Consumption and Multi-stage Dormancy
              ●  Multi-adjustable Transmission Power


Technical Specification

LoRa Specification
Item Content
Communication Protocol and Band 410MHz - 441MHz 
step 1000KHz
Recommend 433±5MHz
Default 433.0MHz
Indoor/Urban Range F8L10D-E 2000m         F8L10D-N 1000m
Outdoor/RF Line-of-Sight Range F8L10D-E 9000m         F8L10D-N 3500m
Transmit Power F8L10D-E:30dBm(1W)    F8L10D-N:20dBm(100mW)
Receiver Sensitivity -140dBm       
RF Data Rate 6 level, 0.3、0.6、1.0、1.8、3.1、5.5Kbps
Channels 32
Max Serial Buffer Size 4K Bytes
Interface Type
Item Content
UART Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1, 2
Checksum: none,odd,even
Baud rate: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400,57600, 115200 bps
Antenna connector SMA female / U.FL RF connector, the characteristic impedance of 50 ohms
Package Support 2.54mm*7pin spacing stamp hole for SMT and 2*2.0mm*10pin spacing through-hole pins simultaneous
Note: There may be different components and interfaces in different model,please in kind prevail.
Power supply
Item Content
Recommended Power F8L10D-N:DC 3.3V/0.5A   F8L10D-E:DC 5V/1A
Power Range DC 3.3~5V
Note: F8L10D-E power supply voltage is less than 4V output power will be reduced, but little impact on the reception performance.
Power Consumption
  Item Content
F8L10D-N RX Mode <22mA@3.3VDC
TX Mode 127~129mA@3.3VDC(Maximum pulse current≤130mA )
Timing wake up <3.0uA@3.3VDC
Deep Sleep <2.0uA@3.3VDC
F8L10D-E RX Mode <22mA@5VDC
TX Mode 180~200mA@ 5VDC(Maximum pulse current≤400mA )
Timing wake up <3.0uA@5VDC
Deep Sleep <2.0uA@5VDC
Physical Characteristics
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F8L10D-N Dimensions 24.4x37.5x4.2 mm(Without antenna and connector)
Weight 5.0g
F8L10D-E Dimensions 24.4x45.0x4.2 mm(Without antenna and connector)
Weight 8.0g
Environmental Limits
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Operating Temperature -40~+85ºC(-40~+185℉)
Storage Temperature -40~+125ºC (-40~+257℉)
Operating Humidity 95%(unfreezing)