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CTME was founded in 1992 as Non-profit Research Association, becoming Research Foundation in July 2007. Partnership comprises the most relevant private companies in the industrial area of Miranda de Ebro, ranging a large variety of industrial sectors: energy, construction, machine-tool, aeronautics and automotive.

Our R&D team is involved in a continuous “open-innovation” line-management process in order to accrue enough knowledge and capacities to face any challenging research project for industry. We offer 4 high-tech and excellent research areas:

  • Polymers and biopolymers, composites: synthesis, formulation and transformation of plastics from renewable sources).
  • Sustainable management: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle costing Assesment (LCC), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Product Categories Rules (PCR), ecodesign, waste revaluing.
  • Software engineering: FIWARE applications, Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things...
  • Innovation in Products, Processes and Manufacturing Technologies


This newly created department is mainly working on the design of green ICT tools and FIWARE applications in collaboration with the innovation and sustainability departments of CTME to create more efficient organizations in the management of its resources and the minimization of impacts.

Therefore the main research activities of this department:

  • Software engineering: FIWARE applications, Internet of Things...·        
  • Software Application development, management tools, direct customer service needs ...·        
  • Ambient Intelligence: we create more efficient organizations in the management of its resources and the minimization of impacts.·        
  • Developing specific applications based On FI-WARE European platform.

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Fundación Centro tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro

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to 5000000
No profit Private research Institution
Connectivity providers - Wireless, Fixed Line, Satellite, (M)VNO

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Fundación Centro tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro
Calle Montañana R60-61, Poligono Industrial de bayas
Miranda de Ebro (Burgos)

Raúl De Saja
Transfer Office Director
+34 947331515

1.	Internet of Things (IoT) architectures
1. Internet of Things (IoT) architectures
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