IoT Services

Service Cruiser combines a complete portfolio of field service operations with cloud software for field service management. Use it to reinvent your field services to meet and exceed expectations.

Service Cruiser manages and runs field service operations for telecom service providers, utilities, Internet of Things device vendors and mass retailers, all with unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.

1- Multi-skilled service technicians - taking care of all the installation and maintenance of devices and networks needed to run buildings and homes.

2- Contact and dispatch center - handling and instant processsing any type of request. For your customers and your field technicians alike.

3- Field Logistics - An integrated supply chain with forward and reverse logistics from central warehouses in different countries.

4- Coaching - Coaches, trainers and auditors assisting technicians and contractors to improve their performance. Individual reports with peer benchmarks are their guideline.

5- Process improvement - Dedicated to optimizing the total cost of ownership of your field service operations through continuous and mutual Business Process Improvements.

6- IT Systems - IT systems handling mobile and scheduling applications, customer notification, survey, CRM, warehouse management and resource capacity management systems, and more.

IT systems

No more headaches

When companies launch new services such as a field service in an existing organization, they may have to deal with legacy systems. If the company is a start-up, it has to create a field service organization from scratch. In both cases, setting up a specialized service is a challenge.

Not only do companies have to bring in skilled labour, but they also have to set up, configure and integrate IT systems that can handle mobile applications, a scheduling application, customer notification system, customer survey system, CRM system, warehouse management system, resource capacity management system, and more.

Doing it all yourself would involve putting together the entire service solution and could mean facing hidden migration costs and significant time loss because of integration. You could end up with poor service solutions, delays in time-to-market and ultimately not delivering the promised solutions. These projects often have a high risk of failure because of the huge integration risks. Moreover, difficulties with timing and specifications can lead to budget overruns.

Service Cruiser offers total field service solutions without all these headaches. You simply send in your service request, we process it in the Service Cruiser service delivery cloud platform, perform the on-site work, and process all the data related to carrying out the task and the results achieved.

The Service Cruiser cloud has a real time RESTFull API allowing your IoT device back-end or CRM system to interface your IoT appliactions with the field service engineers.  These field service engineers are provided with a Service Cruiser mobile software.  They can be your own field engineers, Service Cruiser field service engineers or field engineers of your subcontractors.  In case you want to setup an international field service, Service Cruiser is multi-country mult-contractor ready.