IoT Services

SIGFOX is the first cellular network operator to provide a low cost data transmission service. The service is completely dedicated to low throughput Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things applications.

Thanks to UNB wireless communication technology and a cellular data transfer network optimised for low bandwidth M2M/ IoT applications, SIGFOX enables the remote management of your equipment and communicating devices at the lowest possible price. As operator of its own network, SIGFOX is revolutionising the price of Machine-to-Machine communications and paving the way for completely new applications for communicating objects.

Our rate plan:

Taking into account your application’s requirements in terms of volume and service class, our prices per connected object vary by a couple of Euros, 2€/ year.

Included in SIGFOX offering:

  • Dedicated M2M/IoT network access across SIGFOX coverage areas
  • A volume of data to be exchanged set for each equipment specified requirements
  • Data flow delivered in IP format ready for direct integration into your information system (no additional fees), enabling you to manage your equipment and service quality
  • Access to a service management interface, enabling you to control key parameters in the communication chain: signal quality, battery and temperature settings on the deployed modems; user statistics (such as number of active connections, volume of exchanged data, etc.)
  • SIGFOX Service policy. We are an operator 100% dedicated to low throughput Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things bringing to our customers a high level of availability, reliability and security for their data.

With its patented UNB technology and low throughput network, SIGFOX has met an incredible challenge: transmitting the billions of data of the Internet of Things in a cost-effective, eco-responsible, efficient and reliable way.

An ultra-efficient radio technology

One of the keys to SIGFOX’s incredibly competitive low throughput Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things communication technology ultimately lies in its radio technology. This UNB , that stands for Ultra Narrow Band, technology uses free frequency radio bands (no license needed) to transmit data over a very narrow spectrum to and from connected objects.

Designed for low throughput transmission (10b/s and1kb/s typical range), the UNB Wireless technology benefits from a high level of sensitivity. Data transportation becomes very long range (distances up to 40km in open field) and communication with buried, underground equipment becomes possible, all this being achieved with high reliability and minimal power consumption. Furthermore, the narrow throughput transmission combined with sophisticated signal processing provides effective protection against interference. This also ensures that the integrity of the data transmitted is respected.

Another advantage of the outstanding sensitivity of UNB devices is resources savings. The technology allows SIGFOX to deploy a very effective, low throughput communications network by limiting the number of antennas (base stations). When compared with a cellular network such as GSM, for the same level of coverage, SIGFOX’s solution requires around 1,000 times less antennas and base stations. The impact on cost is massive, is 100 times less expensive to build, install and operate.

Furthermore, each of the radio elements used in the network (to emit and receive data) are significantly less energy intensive than devices using competitive technologies (such as GSM or broadband radio). This achieved expertise allows SIGFOX to minimise the network’s ecological and economic footprint and to provide the cheapest low throughput M2M and IoT communications solution on the market.

SIGFOX UNB technology vs other cellular technologies
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