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There is now increasing convergence of consumer electronics and wireless technologies, catering to the need for ‘entertainment on the move’. MindTree understands the range of technologies used in storage formats, audio/video streaming, and wired/wireless connectivity. Our in-depth expertise working across these areas, combined with domain skills in the automotive space enables
us to develop world-class infotainment and wireless products. MindTree provides OEMs, automotive product manufacturers, and semiconductor companies with complete hardware and software development support for automotive infotainment products.

MindTree is one of the leading players in Bluetooth IP licensing. Our proprietary Hands Free Car Kit (HFCK) design with
Bluetooth capability is a licensable technology which provides connectivity for drivers while on the move.


Industries we serve include AutomotiveNavigation and Telematics MindTree’s experience in the navigation and telematics area help our clients to deliver complete navigation and telematics solution. The following is a sample list of projects executed by MindTree in this area:  


MindTree's Contribution

On-board Navigation Unit/ Personal Navigation
Device (PND)
  • Design and development of Hardware
  • OS porting and enhancement of BSP
  • Development and testing of navigation applications on various platforms
  • Development of production support tools
On-board Telematics Unit
  • Design and development of hardware, Onboard Unit (OBU) software, and
    server-side software
  • Onboard Unit (OBU) software porting and device driver development
  • Development of on-board telematics applications
  • System testing, standard compliance testing, field trials, and production
Applications for GPS chipsets
  • Demonstrator application (on WinCE-based PDA) for indoor GPS receivers
  • Host porting on WinCE and eCos platforms
  • GPS-based camera detector
  • GPS data processing and display tools
  • Production of test tools for GPS chipsets
  • Proof-of-concept development for assisted GPS
    We have worked with leaders in the field of automotive infotainment and wireless, in the following technology areas:  


Multimedia Streaming
  • Bluetooth-based audio and video streaming
  • Audio, video, and image Codecs like MP3, AAC, AC3, MPEG, DIVx, JPEG, GIF,
    and BMP
  • Hands-free kits
  • Bluetooth
  • UWB
  • USB
  • GSM and GPRS
  • Terrestrial and FM radio
  • Satellite communication


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