IoT Products

It is a serial to mobile GSM/GPRS network converter, able to measure any data remotely.Provides wireless connectivity on hard access locations through mobile network. Integrates with SCADA, Modbus and SNMP systems.

Technical Specification

• Transparent Serial Converter RS232/RS485/RS422 to GSM/GPRS combined with telemetry and remote control.
• Allows using 02 SIM CARDS, configuring modes main or backup channel.
• Two Serial Interfaces
• Serial Interface RS232 Full Duplex V.24 (baud rate from 300bps to 115Kbps, available on DB9 male connector)
• Serial Interface RS485/422 (baud rate from 300bps to 115Kbps, available on 4 pin screw connection block connector)
• Local Configuration through Serial Interface or Remote Configuration via SMS.
• Protocols: IPv4, TCP, UDP, ARP, DHCP, DNS
• Independent Reception and Transmission Buffers with 512 bytes each
• Two simultaneous TCP connections support
• Allows operations on TCP Client mode, connecting to IPs or URLs addresses
• 8 in/out ports for general purpose in telemetry and remote control. This interface is available on 10 pin screw connection
block connector.


Environment » Temperature Range » Industrial (-25°C / +65°C)
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Analog
Environment » Temperature Range » Automotive (-40°C / +85°C)
Power Supply » Battery » Operation / Standby Time
Power Supply » DC Voltage Supply » 5-24V
Power Supply » AV Voltage Supply » 110V - 240V