IoT Services

We deliver solutions for remote monitoring of your machines and inventories. With our systems you can also track your assets during transportation. We provide you with secure access to your own data in real-time, with our online user interface. The information can also be sent to you proactively, through e-mail, Text (sms) or fax, for example if your system generates an alarm.

EvalanData offers solutions to customers who:

  • Manage remote inventories (Vendor Managed Inventories)
  • Move bulk products
  • Manage machines or systems remotely
  • Track quality or performance machines of machines or system

In close cooperation with our clients we identify the optimum solution that fits the operational objectives. We can deliver turnkey implementation of these solutions and manage the entire telemetry operation long-term. We are device independent, and use off-the shelf components or our own modules, such as Evalan’s Maple Data-Aggregator with on-board IP and serial ports, and a GPRS/GSM modem.            

Data collection and processing can be managed through our dedicated back-end system, consisting of server applications and databases. This system runs on servers we manage, with 24 hour stand-by operations on servers in a second location. Data is delivered through a secure online user interface, tailored for your application and needs. This can be accessed by personal computer or Smartphone.

Data can also be forwarded directly to your Corporate Systems, fully integrated if required.