IoT Services

OTI Relationship with Client -

Previously DDFS had their existing NAV environment setup in place with a limited set of features and there was no setup in place for the vendors to monitor the status of their various purchase orders, order deliveries, invoices, payments, etc.

Therefore, DDFS wanted to develop a portal for vendor collaboration which is having end-to-end integration of their Procure to Pay (P2P) processes with MS Dynamics NAV 2016. So, OTI helped DDFS in the development of the solution covering all their business needs.

Challenges -

The absence of a structured system made it challenging to efficiently track the status of purchase orders, deliveries, invoices, and payments, causing delays and frustration. Without streamlined processes, there was confusion regarding transaction progress, hindering decision-making and operational efficiency. Additionally, the decentralized setup of conveyor belt motors led to fragmented operations, lacking synchronization and optimization capabilities, further complicating workflows and responsiveness to changes.

Addressing these challenges required a multifaceted approach, including structured systems for order and inventory management. Integration of synchronized motor control mechanisms for conveyor belts was vital for enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, implementing stringent data security measures, such as encryption protocols and access controls, was necessary to safeguard critical information, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. By enhancing transparency, reliability, and trust across the supply chain ecosystem, these initiatives aimed to improve overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Benefits -

User-friendly / Simplified
User management
Crucial data protection

Benefits against alternatives -

Structured vendor master data management.
Vendors can see the status of their various purchase orders, order deliveries, invoices, payments etc.​

Value Proposition -

Optimized Technologies Inc. has supported DDFS in the upgradation of the MS Dynamics NAV and developed the P2P portal to monitor the status of all the purchase orders, order deliveries, invoices, payments, etc., integrating MS Dynamic NAV 2016 with the custom-developed P2P portal.

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of monitoring the processes can be implemented with higher efficacy.