IoT Products

NetvirE is an advanced, low-code, configurable IIoT platform that can create digital twins of assets and offer remote asset monitoring and management. NetvirE comes with a range of cutting-edge features like predictive maintenance, asset tracking, activity detection, advanced asset data visualization, and much more. Moreover, it is a platform crafted explicitly for the rapid development and deployment of customized IIoT solutions in line with the demands of Industry 4.0. Moreover, NetvirE's potential in constructing digital twins of site assets facilitates its users' journey toward operational excellence. In addition, the process-based digital twins in NetvirE effortlessly integrate diverse data sets and deliver real-time insights into asset and production performance. NetvirE stands out among its competitors because, unlike rigid, off-the-shelf solutions, NetvirE allows its users to tailor the platform to meet their unique needs and requirements.


Technical Specification

Inbuilt multi-tenant SaaS support
Connects diverse network interfaces and a wide range of sensors
Intuitive user interfaces
Easy integration into third-party systems
Rapid deployment and scalability
Cost-effective connectivity options
Enhanced data security
Scalable infrastructure
Highly customizable