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BACE Modbus Gateway is the perfect IoT solution that allows you to remotely access and manage your Modbus data through the Cloud. It is composed of a hardware module and a Cloud application, the BACE IoT Connector, that forwards the data to your platform or enterprise systems. With this solution, you are able to constantly retrieve data from your Modbus device in a reliable, easy, and secure way. BACE is a ready-to-use, quick to deploy solution that can be configured remotely through a portal to read and write exactly the Modbus registers that you choose, at the frequency you specify. 

BACE Modbus Gateway accomplishes remote Modbus management by pairing the BACE Module with a Device Twin in the cloud. The Device Twin is a digital replica of the BACE module that enables you to see the state of the device and the Modbus registers. If the BACE Module is connected to one or more Modbus devices, it will retrieve the data, and send it directly to the Cloud through the LTE-M or 2G network. Any adjustments made to the module are automatically synchronized with the Device Twin (and vice versa). 

BACE Modbus Gateway is able to connect via a serial connection (RTU) as well as through a TCP/IP network. The data is constantly provisioned to your systems via the API of the BACE IoT Connector. The API follows an OAuth 2 Model for encryption, authentication and authorization, and has diverse access levels. BACE can also offer Webhooks, like event based automated messages that can be sent to your system anytime an event occurs.  

BACE’s installation requires little effort. It is sufficient to connect the module to the Modbus, and its power cord to a 230V or 120V power supply. All this can be done by a technician without special training. Once installed, you can remotely configure from your desk through the Twin Device using tools in the BACE operation portal. 

To protect your data and information, and to secure the IoT system, BACE Modbus Gateway has a Secure Element and uses a state-of-the-art IoT security mechanism. This mechanism has been developed by Microsoft and Microchip, and is centered on protecting both the hardware and software of each device. This secure technology contains the individual encryption certificate of each specific module and is protected from physical break-ins. In case of a forced attempt, the element destroys itself and the certificate, preventing any subsequent access to other parts of the system. 

Technical Specification

- LTE-M with 2G fallback

- connect via a serial connection (RTU) as well as TCP/IP network

- API follows an OAuth 2 Model for encryption, authentication and authorization

- 230V or 120V power supply

- Secure Element

- Over-the-air (OTA) updating for security, operational flexibility and to be ready for future changes


- Connection to other systems, BACE also supports wired connections for other commonly used protocols

- Solar Panel Powered version