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Mindteck offers a comprehensive bouquet of smart energy services that deliver sustainable energy efficiency solutions to optimize energy consumption and facilitate distributed energy generation via implementation of smart grid technologies. Mindteck's Smart Energy services are designed to support semiconductor companies, home and building automation OEMs and system integrators, utilities, independent service operators, and commercial and institutional (C and I) energy consumers.



Mindteck's spectrum of smart grid services

Smart Grid Communication OEM/System Solutions IT Application Solutions
Home Area Network (HAN): ZigBee, HomePlug and Wifi OEM Solutions: In home displays, smart meters, smart thermostats & smart plugs, intelligent lighting controllers, EV charging controllers Energy Management: Demand response platform integration, cloud-based energy management system (web-based portal, mobility apps), compliance solutions such as CIM, open ADR, content analytics/BI solutions
Building Area Network(BAN): LonWorks and BACNet

Transmission and Distribution (T&D):Proprietary long range RF communication protocols
System Solutions: Data center adaptive cooling, intelligent lighting management, cloud- based energy monitoring & management, charging management kiosks, solar power generation monitoring. Utility IT Solutions: MDM system integration with existing utility ERP,integration of demand response platforms
  • Communication stack development
  • Testing and compliance
  • Performance improvement
  • Product/solutions development
  • Onsite deployment
  • Testing and compliance
  • Performance improvement
  • Sustenance and support
  • Application and data integration
  • Testing and performance simulation
  • Sustenance and support

Smart Grid Communication:

Mindteck provides smart grid communication services for Home Area Network (HAN), Building Area Network (BAN), and Transmission and Distribution. For HAN we provide ZigBee, HomePlug and Wifi protocol related services. For BAN, we support LonWorks and BACNet communication standards. For T&D-related communication we work on proprietary long range RF communication protocols. Under the smart grid communication segment we offer communication stack development, testing and compliance, and performance improvement services.

Mindteck is among the earliest adopters of the ZigBee standard. Having developed ZigBee stacks for major silicon providers, our solution focus areas for semiconductor companies are demonstrated through solution accelerators for communication stack components that include ZigBee Pro, and MAC stack, SE1.1, HA profiles (coming soon - ZigBee IP, MAC, and Smart Energy Profile 2.0).

OEM Solutions:

We are committed to innovation for the benefit of the environment. Our smart grid services and solutions reduce energy consumption and provide our customers with increasingly eco-friendly and innovative solutions. We work with Home/Building Automation OEMs in creating smart appliances and sensors such as in-home displays, smart meters, smart thermostats, smart plugs, intelligent lighting controllers, EV charging controllers. We have successfully deployed 500+ ZigBee nodes per hub. We have also designed intelligent street lighting, truck battery charge kiosk, and solar panel communication systems.

Data Center Energy Management:

With our Smart Energy Management solutions, we are able to transform energy into an IT asset by maximizing performance in the data center while minimizing waste. Mindteck's Data Center and Energy Management offerings give businesses an in-depth understanding of their power consumption practices. Our solutions have helped customers reduce up to 20% - 25% of their data center energy consumption.

In-Premises Energy Management:

The use and maintenance of institutional, commercial and industrial premises has a significant impact on energy use effectiveness. Mindteck provides energy management, data mining and analysis, and device control infrastructure services to help customers reduce energy consumption by up to 12% for their institutional, commercial, and industrial needs.

IT Application Solutions:

With over twenty years of experience in Software Development and Product Engineering, we help our clients to innovate faster and reduce the time-to-market. Mindteck's IT Application Software Services include application and data integration, testing and performance simulation, sustenance and support. For IT applications related to Energy Management we offer demand response platform integration, cloud-based energy management system (web-based portal, mobility apps), compliance solutions such as CIM, Open ADR, content analytic/BI solutions. For Utility IT solutions we offer MDM system integration with existing utility ERP, implementation of OMS/DMS systems and integration of demand response platforms.


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