IoT Products

JpU HyperCore is a purpose-built mobile core network for deployment by IoT and M2M vendors.  The platform simplifies management of complex IoT networks, delivers built-in security for all connected devices and consolidates business operations in a single intuitive web-based APIs.

The JpU HyperCore solution is suitable for deployment across any M2M, C-IoT, NB-IoT platform and is highly scalable to support millions of devices with huge volumes of traffic.

It enables operators build dedicated IoT cores and multi-tenant sliced cores with no disruption to the legacy core network, expanding their connectivity capabilities to generate new revenue streams with a wide range of value-added services.

It enables enterprises to leverage an API-Driven solution with complete integration between IoT applications and the mobile network for any market vertical. Centralize network security capabilities and reduce deployment costs for IoT edge devices.



Technical Specification

Full API Driven Core.

Utilize JpU API libraries to ensure smooth deployment, customize business logic and integrate third party services. More than 100 APIs available including:

  • SIM & Identities management
  • Network connectivity management
  • Security enforcement
  • Billing & costs optimization
  • Roaming preferences
  • More than 100 APIs to facilitate automation…

Network Connectivity.

JpU HyperCore offers simple self-service connectivity with built-in adaptive device profiling for any number of devices.

  • Assign IP Address pools 
  • Control bandwidth  and data utilization
  • Group devices in VLANs
  • Eliminate APN complexity
  • Manage L3 routing

Security Enforcement.

Offload security to network and protect devices from external threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Central security hub for Data Voice and SMS
  • Detect and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Enable interception point for third party enforcement
  • Create alerts based on signaling or operational event