IoT Products

Aranet wireless sensors measure carbon dioxide. CO2 monitoring is critically important for people well-being and productivity in places like schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and many others. It is also necessary to measure carbon dioxide for many industrial processes in manufacturing plants, greenhouses, storage tanks and anywhere high levels of CO2are generated. The sensors are wireless, easy to deploy and move if necessary. Sensors are designed for indoor use. More info 

Technical Specification

  • Sensors are compatible only with Aranet base stations
  • Measures: Carbon dioxide (CO2) (0 ppm – 9999 ppm)
  • Line-of-Sight range: minimum 3 km/ 1.9mi
  • Operating environment: indoor use
  • Transmitter power: 14 dBm
  • Data Transmission: every 10 minutes
  • Battery life: 2 years
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Dimensions: 115x44x25 mm/ 4.5x1.7x1 in