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AutoAlert European Driving Guide

Introducing AutoAlert's European Driving Guide


Eradicate the stress and worry when driving in Europe!  With AutoAlert's European Driving Guide you can quickly see the rules and regulations in each country.  Find out hand hints and tips and view information about the various congestion charging zone.


Learn the rules for each European country
See which countries have congestion zones or tolls
Share your locations, view your journeys


If you're going to be driving around Europe, then this application is invaluable. - Local rules, customs and tips for driving in Europe, congestion charges zones, tolls and much more more...

View all the latest driving information for countries in and around Europe, get hints, tips, rules and regulations. See where all the congestion charging zones are and find out which countries operate toll roads.

You can even save your location and view your route, where you were at certain times and much more through the AutoAlert control centre.

If you're going to be driving in Europe, then download this application now!