IoT Products

Installed GPS Vehicle Tracking Units for Business

 View all your vehicles locations in real time 
 Reduce administration with comp rehensive reporting 
 Set up alerts if your vehicles enter or leaves specific areas

Purchase and install one of our tracking units in your vehicles and get all the information you need to help get the most from your vehicles.

View all your vehicle's locations in real time through the AutoAlert web based control centre along with driving and working time summaries and alerts.

Additional reports are only a click away, use our messasging centre to send text messages, directions or locations to your drivers, collegues or even customers and use our unique point and click technology to set up virtual areas and be notified when any of your vehicles enter and/or leave that area.

Key Features

  • An AutoAlert tracking unit is simple to install using your own engineer or our own installation company
  • Once installed, the unit transmits its location automatically when the vehicle moves
  • The location for all your vehicles is updated in real time enabling you to better manage your fleet
  • View traffic information and directions from each vehicle
  • Comprehensive reporting including driving times, working times, stationary times, mileage and more is all available from within your account.
  • Set up virtual areas using our unique point and click technology then get notifications when a vehicle enters and/or leaves that area.