IoT Products

Antalis Things benefits of twelve years of experience in the electronic Market of Aquila Group. We design and manufacture IOT devices within Project frameworks or as standard solution.

We base our offering in the knowledge of the communication TECHNOLOGY (Sigfox) and in the different microelectronics technologies. We center our offering in the design and manufacturing of different type of devices: Sensors, integrated boards, and connection of the generated data in those devices to different clouds and platforms.

Business opportunity

• Customer always on-line to:

- Order product or service
- Request repair
- Be contacted for consultation

• Report position:

- To develop social network promotion

- To share experience

- Contests, sweepstakes, questions ...

• Patient and dependent Management:

- Push button and receive o information on

- Confirm consumption drug

- Report Position

• Security management:

- You receive infomation (Buzz, light colour, sound....) that you should acknowledge pressing button.

• Maintenance of assets and material.

Technical Specification

Device specs:

Dimensions 70 x 40 x 19 mm

Material: ABS     Closing method: Screw

IoT device that generates uplink to Sigfox. The message will include the identification of the individual that send it. Other information to be sent could be decided.

It will incorporate a LED so the user will identify that the communication had been completed.

We utilize Sigfox Wisol component.

The battery is CR2032 model button, in a datasheet of the same comes the discharge profile, battery level depending on the voltage. 

The uplink / downlink of the blue button is very simple:

There is no downlink ever.
The button only sends information when it is pressed.
What it sends is the identification of the device, location and the level of the battery.