IoT Products

Antalis Things benefits of twelve years of experience in the electronic Market of Aquila Group. We design and manufacture IOT devices within Project frameworks or as standard solution.

We base our offering in the knowledge of the communication TECHNOLOGY (Sigfox) and in the different microelectronics tecnologies. We center our offering in the design and manufacturing of different type of devices: Sensors, integrated boards, and connection of the generated data in those devices to different clouds and platforms.



Available devices

  • Logistic/Assets Spot’it tracker

  • Logistic/Assets GPS tracker

  • Logistic/Assets tracker geo reliability 30 mts indoor/urban, Spot’it road reliability

  • Logistic/Assets Spot’it tracker with

    temperature control

  • Logistic/Assets Spot’it tracker with tilt control

  • Service button

  • Intrusion control domotic device

  • Smoke control domotic device

  • Leakage control domotic device

  • Lightning control

  • Hot workplace


Technical Specification

Device specs

  • Dimensions 78 x 40 x 21,6 mm

  • Material : ABS

  • Closing method: Pressure

    GPS tracker offers real-time location of devices: the customer receives coordinates of their devices with a precision level of 30-50 mts in all Sigfox countries.

    The device includes

  • Radio SigFox

  • 2 Batteries AA, Panasonic LR6XWA/B

  • GPS tracker

    Battery life will depend that how we define the uplink communication. It could be between one or two years of battery life.