IoT Products

AutoAlert's innovative products now allow you to avoid the penalties, fines and worry (up to £120 per time) of entering the congestion charging zone without realising or simply forgetting to pay.


If you have an AutoAlert GPS Tracking device, then you can add the congestion zone along with any other zones to your account and be notified as soon as any of your vehicles enter and/or leave the zone.

If you don't have an AutoAlert Tracker then you can use our innovative iPhone application to check whether you are in the zone, pay there and then if you are or get a reminder message in the evening if you've forgotten to pay.


  • See an alert when you or one of your vehicles enters and / or leaves the London Congestion Charging Zone
  • View a report showing the times your vehicles have entered or left the congestion zone over a given period
  • Pay the congestion charge via your iPhone
  • Plus all the other benefits of the AutoAlert System.


AutoAlert's Congestion Charging Check and Remind service is available for anyone with an iPhone or AutoAlert Tracking unit.


Check our new Congestion Charging Check and Remind site for further information.

Technical Specification

Real time GPS/GPRS tracking units combined with website, iPhone and iPad applications