IoT Services

In a produt development life cycle, many customers struggles due to the lack of knowledge of the vendor in certain areas like RPT design, wrapping up of the complete system besides the hardware and software design capabilities.

At Kaynes, we not only take care of the product development, we also take care of the product certifications, Mechanical casing design, BOM optimization and mass manufacturing services. This saves huge time and money for customers and also better control on all the stages of a PDLC.


Are you facing issues in any of these areas?

  • Stencil Preparation
  • BOM optimization
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Small/Mid/High volume manufacturing support
  • ID Design
  • Test Jig Design
  • Box Build Capability

We are not just a manufacturing company, we are engineers with vast knowledge on Embedded design and manufacturability of a product.

Kaynes can be a single point of contact for customers to whom we can design a product from the conceptual stage to the mass manufacturing including certifications. Our capability includes, ID design, complete Box build assembly, Test Jig design, completing product testing capability and it can be shipped directly to your customers if needed.