IoT Products

Intelligent Alarm and Event Handling

Skyresponse:system processes event information from IoT (Internet of Things) platforms or directly from various alarm transmitters. Alarms are fed via the internet to Skyresponse:system through an open API. Extensive documentation of the API enables third parties to rapidly connect their devices and systems. Use of fixed and mobile internet makes it possible to receive alarms from devices worldwide.

Intelligent Distribution of Alarms

Skyresponse:system can distribute alarm and event information directly to human responders using mobile or other computing devices, to operators in alarm response centers, to Skyresponse:central cloud based alarm centers or to other IT systems.


Skyresponse Mobile and Web/PC Applications

Response teams can use both mobile apps or web to

  • Receive and manage response center activities and alarms
  • Report cause and actions connected to the activity
  • Escalate and communicate with team members .. or third party response providers

Skyresponse mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The web application allows users to receive and respond to incoming alarms, as well as complete visibility of alarm status and who they are assigned to. Geographic positioning and other information passed from the IoT platform and sensors can also be shown.

Technical Specification

Skyresponse:system distributes alarms and through either the Skyresponse pre-defined API or via existing standard alarm protocols connecting to response centers worldwide over fixed and mobile internet. The recipient systems and responders can be based anywhere there is an internet connection available.

Skyresponse:system analyses all incoming events (type, timing, content and location), and ensures the event reaches the right recipients. How the alarm is handled is based on a set of distribution rules held within Skyresponse:system. For example if an alarm is not responded to by a respondent group member within a set time it will be forwarded to a central staffed alarm response centre. Rules can be set with many combinations – for example different locations for responding to alarms at night. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.