IoT Products

This device is widely used for fleet management in unstable network areas. Additional features it possesses are engine cut and full vehicle monitoring.

Major Factors: 

• Real time tracking
• 24-hour history on mobile app and 30 Days History on Website 
• Zone alerts
• Parking alerts
• Waterproof 
• Speeding alerts etc.
• Engine Cut Alarm
• Anti-theft Alarm
• Engine Off and On Alarm
• Towed Alarm
• SOS Alarm
• Engine On/Off Status
• AC Notifications
• Value Screen

This device enables your device to receive instant alerts and notifies you whenever the concerned people exit/enters the specified area. It confirms you the exact location of the person being tracked as well as helps to increase productivity through saving. All of the features can be viewed on a single screen without any hassle of switching screen.

Technical Specification

1.Real Time Global Tracking: Letstrack Devices provide uninterrupted real time tracking of all your valuables. Now you can track your loved ones and valuables from anywhere in the world. View the location of your loved ones from anywhere in the world, never lose sight of what's most precious to you! Chat with them, or send them geo- tagged images instantly. It's all possible with Letstrack!

2.Create Unlimited Geo-fence & Receive Alerts: Letstrack empowers YOU! Get that extra bit of information just when you need it. Create unlimited zone alerts ensuring you know when your vehicle or loved ones enter/exit predetermined zones.

3. Fitting and Installation: Letstrack wanted to provide you with the best experience. They are providing installation and training demos by authorized technicians that have been specially trained. Letstrack prides itself on delivering quality!

4. Battery Life and Beyond: A smart and intuitive battery design and high- tech coding have been brought together to ensure the battery lasts for the longest time. Installed Letstrack devices have a unique feature; they run for a period of time without a direct power source and solely on the in-built battery back -up. Letstrack has accounted for the worst and brought us the best! 

5. One Year Warranty: The device comes with one year warranty. Letstrack understands your worry but the devices are of high quality and cannot be tampered with easily. In case something does go wrong, we are working round the clock to ensure all your needs are fulfilled. Find support at over 350+ service point and 30+ service offices spread all across the country.

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