IoT Products

The EasyGateway® can be operated in standalone mode or as a managed network element in a standard IT environment. Together with Aartesys's AMIRA management system, the product offers a sophisticated end-to-end, two-way communication solution over mobile and fixed IP networks.

Customized pre-configuration coupled with additional resources from an auto-configuration server including important local diagnostics via LED and antenna positioning, ensure easy commissioning in the field.

The metering specific part of the application supports different metering protocols such as IEC 62056, M-Bus and multi utility support for electricity, gas, water, and heat meters. Metering data is transmitted in real push mode over the WAN ports.

Each EasyGateway® can serve up to 32 independent energy meters.
4 channel energy profiles for each meter can be logged and stored locally for up to 31 days. Near real time metering data communication makes the EasyGateway® ideal for smart metering applications.

Aartesys EasyGateway® is also available in OEM variants.

Technical Specification

  • GPRS and Ethernet WAN port
  • Discrete serial interfaces and I/O lines
  • USB host connector and μSD card slot
  • Sealable connector bay
  • Standard DIN rail and wall mounting
  • Built in wide range AC power supply 85 – 264 VAC (optional DC)
  • Web server and remote management capabilities
  • IP tunneling and VPN for multi service, multi provider applications
  • Transparent transmission of serial data over WAN
  • Extended error detection and logging
  • Easy commissioning
  • Metering specific applications


Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Analog
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital
Interface » Bus System » M-BUS
Environment » Temperature Range » Industrial (-25°C / +65°C)
Mechanics » Mounting » Holes / Screw Connect
Mechanics » Mounting » Hat Rail
Power Supply » DC Voltage Supply » 5-24V
Power Supply » AV Voltage Supply » 110V - 240V