IoT Services

Any development above low-level programming for hardware:

  • High-level development for devices and sensors,
  • Custom software for gateways,
  • Data analysis, software-define storage,
  • Web and mobile full-cycle app development,
  • Third-party integrations.

Development frameworks / SDK

Node.js     IoT.js    Device.js

Java and Eclipse IoT (Kura, SmartHome)

Particle    DeviceHive    openHAB


Communication Protocols

Wi-Fi          USB         Serial          IPv6          cellular 2/3/4G

Bluetooth   CoAP       MQTT          Z-Wave         ZigBee

EIB             XMPP       AMQP     HTTP/HTTPS    Sigfox      LoRaWAN



Raspberry PI        Arduino        KNX          Crestron

сonsumer smart home hubs (Samsung, Philips, D-Link, etc.)

industrial gateways (Intel, Cisco and Eurotech) ESP32 (by Espressif)