IoT Services

Letstrack was developed to serve all our needs of feeling safe and secure, inside our homes and outside. We have a wholesome approach and understand the need of communication; that’s why we have added a very important feature missing from almost all other tracking apps; An Instant Messaging Service which helps you communicate with your fellow trackers and increases productivity and fun!

Letstrack is the first in the world to integrate so many features, all packed in one free app. If that wasn’t enough, we have a web-based portal as well and with a nominal fee you can control your sales force, track your product deliveries, and even get weekly or monthly reports.

We aren’t done yet! We also have several tracking devices that can be used to track the elderly, children, vehicles and almost anything of value to you by simply attaching a device to it.

These devices let you know exactly where someone or something is, with just a few quick clicks. Because of this ability, they can be great for, women safety, kidnapping prevention, theft prevention, fleet tracking and other situations where such real-time, geographical information can help you eliminate worrisome uncertainty from your everyday life and make you more productive. The app and devices aim at curbing the ever-growing delinquency, preventing mishaps and fortifying your peace.

We are the pioneers in bringing personal/vehicle tracking system compatible with social media in a single app. We have devoted a lot of time and energy on R&D and have come up with an integrated solution. Not only do we have an app, we have a web-based version too. We have also gone a step ahead of our competitors by integrating the tracking process with the fun of social media.

  • Global real-time tracking
  • Free unlimited instant messaging
  • Tracking of all types based on personal requirements
  • Track my option for the user for sharing location with friends and family
  • Option of sending tracking request
  • Add Unlimited devices for tracking vehicles or family members
  • Geotag photos and messaging for free
  • Radar view of friends, family, and colleagues 
  • Zone alerts when entering or leaving a pre-determined zone
  • Compatible with both, Android And iOS devices