IoT Products

F2X14 Series IP MODEM is a kind of cellular terminal device th
at provides data transfer function by public GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/EV
DO network.
It adopts high-powered industrial 32 bits CPU and embedded re
al time operating system. It supports RS232 and RS485 (or RS422)
port that can conveniently and transparently connect one device to
a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial de
vices with only basic configuration. It has low power consumption st
ates. It has compatible digital I/O channel, ADC, input pulse counter
and pulse wave output function.

Technical Specification

Design for Industrial Application
 High-powered industrial cellular module
 High-powered industrial 32 bits CPU
 Low power consumption design, support
multi-sleep and trigger modes to reduce the
power dissipation farthest
 Embedded Real Time Clock(RTC) circuit
 Housing: iron, providing IP30 protection
 Power range: DC 5~36V
Stability and Reliability
 Support hardware and software WDT
 Support auto recovery mechanism, including
online detect, auto redial when offline to make it
always online
 RS232/RS485/RS422 ports:15KV ESD
 SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection
 Power port: reverse-voltage and overvoltage
 Antenna port: lightning protection(optional)
Standard and Convenience
 Adopt terminal block interface, convenient for
industrial application
 Support standard RS232/RS485 ports that can
connect to serial devices directly
 TTL logic level RS232 interface can be




Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Analog