IoT Products

Square grid antenna is designed for the spread spectrum system,the surface design with welded steel reflector to bring out the best performance.It comes with L bracket.This antenna features high gain,long coverage, light weight,compact structure and excellent wind-resistance.

Technical Specification

Frequency Range  2400-2483MHz
Band width   83MHz
F/B Ratio ≥30 dB
Gain  24dBi
V.S.W.R  ≤1.5
Radiation  Direction
Horizontal Beam width 10°
Vertical Beam width  14°
Polarization  Vertical or Horizontal
Lightning Protection DC-Grounded
Maximum Input Power  100W
Impedance 50Ώ
Connector  N Female
Cable Type LMR240
Cable Length 30cm
Antenna Radome Material Aluminium alloy
Mount way  Pole
Diameter of Installation Pole Ø30~Ø50mm 
Antenna Dimension 600X900mm
Weight 2.5KG
Operating Temperature -40℃ to+70℃
Rated Wind Velocity  60m/s
RoHS Compliant YES