IoT Services

Pratiti Technologies is focused on building solutions for re-defining customer experience. We bring in understanding of variety of use cases around Increased Reach, Buying Experience and Continuous Engagement. We build responsive / mobile applications, cloud based services, customer analytics and social platforms integration to realize these use cases. 

  • Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), e-Commerce
  • Crowdsourcing for new product introduction for Food & beverage companies
  • Purchase suggestions based on social media interactions
  • Mobile solutions at retail shop helping customers with location, availability, recommendations and similar products
  • Virtual reality simulation of room for selecting hotel suites
  • Coffee shop table card with NFC to give information about coffee beans, brewing process for unique experience
  • Fitness band provided by a sporting goods company helping customers to set and monitor fitness goals thus ensuring continuous engagement
  • Online social community setup by car company to exchange personal experiences of customers
  • App created by a clinical laboratory to provide health updates, access to medical records, lab results, and secure messaging between the patient and their care team
  • Restaurants analyzing customer's previous orders, social media posts and occasions, to suggest personalized menu