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Vendors team on accelerating adoption of e-mobility solutions

Maxis is collaborating with Blueshark, a smart scooter provider, and EV Connection Sdn. Bhd. (EVC), operator of the JomCharge charging network, to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility solutions. Maxis will provide 4G and 5G network connectivity solutions for connected vehicles and EV charge points in Malaysia. These digital solutions are expected to help accelerate new EV technologies.

The collaboration was announced at E-Mobility Asia, with Maxis as the designated smart mobility solution provider. To initiate the collaboration, a document exchange ceremony took place during the E-Mobility Asia (EMA) 2023 exhibition, where Maxis signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with Blueshark and EVC.

As part of the MoUs, Maxis will provide 4G and 5G network connectivity solutions to Blueshark and EVC to support the e-mobility needs of their electric vehicle (EV) assets and infrastructure.

Maxis will also explore digital solutions with both parties to accelerate the application of new technologies within the EV ecosystem. As a start, Maxis will develop an ESG dashboard to help Blueshark customers measure and analyse their carbon footprint through their electric scooters.

The dashboard will leverage Maxis’ end-to-end capabilities spanning cloud, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Maxis’ 4G and 5G networks will provide essential connectivity for Blueshark’s fleet, ensuring secure and reliable data collection for the dashboard with full Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

Maxis will also provide network connectivity to Blueshark’s battery swap stations, across Malaysia, to help them analyse and manage their battery inventory.

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November 24, 2023

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

Image from KUKA of a mobile harvesting robot in action

Mobile robots revolutionise apple harvesting for fruit farmers

KUKA, in collaboration with the Upper Bavarian company digital workbench, launched a cooperation at Agritechnica, a trade fair for the agricultural sector in Hanover, Germany. The primary objective of the collaboration is to boost assistance with the deployment of a mobile harvesting robot to support fruit farmers during the apple harvest.

“Both companies are contributing one of their most innovative new developments for automation in fruit growing to this cooperation,” Josef Schmidt, a founder and managing director of digital workbench gmbh, said. “With KUKA, we have an absolute specialist with many years of experience and sophisticated know-how in the field of robotics at our side. The result is a practice oriented collaboration that will provide us with many valuable insights for our next development steps with regard to automation in fruit growing.”

Schmidt added that “In the future, we want to test and further develop the interaction of our equipment and exploit synergies, especially with regard to apple cultivation. We are very much looking forward to this.”

Two KUKA small robots from the KR AGILUS series are mounted on the new Tipard 1800 multi-carrier platform from digital workbench.  In a pilot project that has been running since 2020, KUKA is already testing a customised version of the small robot specifically for apple harvesting. With a vacuum suction cup combined with artificial intelligence and vision technology, the extremely manoeuvrable precision artist has been used in harvesting test runs.

Compared to a conventional gripper, the vacuum suction cup can distribute the pressure more evenly over the surface of the apple and thus avoid unwanted pressure points. Cameras recognize important parameters such as ripeness, condition and size and, of course, the position of the apple. The carrier platform presented at the trade fair impresses above all with its high performance and almost endless multifunctionality. In addition, the Tipard 1800 takes digitization and automation to a whole new level.

Harvesting robots provide support where skilled workers are lacking 

In future, the robot arms will move autonomously across the fruit fields in specific practical projects. The mobile and smart automation solution of the two cooperation partners will then be used where previously harvesting machines with several harvesting assistants were used.

“We assume that harvesting robots will be used more and more in the future,” Alois Buchstab, a vice president at KUKA Business Development, said. “The technology still needs to mature for large-scale use and the plantations also need to be planted in such a way that the harvesting robot can work efficiently.”

The aim is to work with a digital workbench to develop a robot system that makes the most difficult tasks in agriculture easier. An automatic apple harvesting system that does not damage the crop is an important development in an industry that is dependent on seasonal labour. For KUKA and digital workbench, the key therefore lies in automation.

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November 23, 2023

Posted by: Anna Ribeiro

business concept with team close up

LocatorX names Laura Garrison as chief technology officer

LocatorX appoints Laura Garrison as its new chief technology officer. With a distinguished career of transformative success, Garrison will drive the company’s product strategy through its next phase of advancement and growth. (more…)

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November 15, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska


Movella’s sensor modules enhance Advantech’s AMR and AGV applications

Movella and Advantech have partnered to develop advanced formulas that enhance the reliability and safety of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV) applications. The collaboration combines Movella’s technique in industrial-grade Inertial Sensor Modules with Advantech’s proficiency in providing embedded guides and design-in service. (more…)

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November 8, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Ooredoo Business and Huawei enhance Kuwait’s networking with CloudConnect

Ooredoo Business, in collaboration with Huawei, introduced CloudConnect which brings forth a transformative network-as-a-service (NaaS) solution, poised to revolutionize enterprise networking in Kuwait. The announcement was made at the GITEX GLOBAL conference. (more…)

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November 6, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

urban traffic with cityscape in Hong Kong,China.

Quectel earns ISO 26262 certification for functional safety process

Quectel Wireless Solutions has announced it was awarded the ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process Certificate by Bureau Veritas (BV). This means that Quectel has established a set of functional safety management process systems under the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 26262 standards, providing continuous support for the design and manufacturing of products that adhere to international safety standards. (more…)

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November 3, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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SESIP methodology streamlines IoT security evaluation

GlobalPlatform’s security evaluation standard for IoT platforms (SESIP) methodology has been adopted as the basis for a European standard (EN) by the European Committee for Standardisation, European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC). The standard is working to help the IoT ecosystem address regulatory fragmentation and better understand, deploy, and explain security. (more…)

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October 31, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

Digital Spectrum Analyzer And Electronic Devices

The RF spectrum is not infinite

Ensuring RF spectrum sustainability amidst soaring demand

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and industry, one finite resource remains the unsung hero in enabling our modern way of life – the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Here Tudor Williams, director of technology at Filtronic, a designer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems, explores how demand for wireless broadband access has highlighted the limitations of this essential resource. (more…)

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October 27, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

blue vivid optic fiber

Nokia and TATA Play Fiber to launch WiFi6-ready broadband in India

Nokia has announced that it has entered into an agreement with TATA Play Fiber to launch one of India’s first WiFi6-ready broadband network. With increasing broadband usage in both residential and enterprise areas, there is a demand for new, high-capacity broadband connections. To meet this demand, broadband networks need future proof fibre and in-home services that can scale in line with evolving end-customer needs. (more…)

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ISPs can now advertise true 1Gbps speeds with CityFibre

CityFibre has introduced a new ‘True Gig’ 1.2Gbps wholesale broadband product. The move allows internet service provider (ISP) partners to offer advertised 1Gbps speed services throughout a footprint covering more than 3 million premises across the country. (more…)

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October 23, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska