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New Kinéis-Semtech chip offers global IoT access

May 27, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Kinéis and Semtech make satellite connectivity more accessible for the Internet of Things (IoT) by reusing standard terrestrial solutions. This complementarity will enable millions of users to access global coverage simply and directly.

The easy integration of Kinéis’s spatial connectivity into Semtech’s chipsets

Kineis and Semtech have announced this collaboration, which enables the integration of satellite and terrestrial IoT on the same single chip.
Kinéis is a French satellite operator and provider of global connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), transmitting data to the end-user in near-real time, at low data rates (small messages), with very low energy consumption.

Semtech is a global provider of high-performance semiconductors, LoRa and cellular IoT systems, and high-quality connectivity and cloud services.
Thanks to this collaboration, a user of Semtech LoRa Edge chips (including LR1110 and LR1120 chips) can now have global access to IoT connectivity by benefiting from Kinéis satellite connectivity, in addition to LoRaWAN terrestrial connectivity, without adding additional electronic modules. This Kinéis-Semtech collaboration offers a way to implement hybrid terrestrial-satellite devices supporting multiple standard connectivity protocols.

In concrete terms a user of terrestrial LoRaWAN IoT connectivity will be able to extend the functionalities of his uses to:
• Receive data via terrestrial LoRaWAN connectivity when available,
• Receive data via Kinéis satellite IoT connectivity from anywhere else,
• Receive location data complementary to GNSS information.

To enable partners using terrestrial IoT to access space connectivity, Kinéis provides them with a reference design, an instruction manual for making an equivalent radio module.

Alexandre Tisserant, the president of Kinéis, said, “This collaboration answers the demand on the market to combine the best terrestrial and satellite networks available to offer our customers a continuous and complete global service, operating simply and transparently. The ability to use Kinéis’s technology on electronic components already available and well widespread on the market, such as those from Semtech, illustrates the interest in the rapid spread of uses linked to satellite IoT.”

The Kinéis-Semtech offer is awaited by the IoT ecosystem

Kinéis is important in the satellite-based IoT market, with the long-term viability sought after by its customers. Just four years after raising its 100 million euros in capital, the Toulouse-based company will deploy its constellation of 25 nanosatellites, one of the first dedicated IoT constellation in Europe, in the summer of 2024.

The Kinéis-Semtech offer meets the expectations of users of the IoT solutions. Among them, Beepings, as a pilot partner, is delighted with this close collaboration between Kinéis and Semtech. Since 2017, Beepings has been developing autonomous and long lifespan durable solutions using the most innovative technologies, both in the subject of indoor/outdoor geolocation and data transmission for various external sensors. 

Pierre Fourmestraux, the chairman at Beepings, said, “The Kinéis-Semtech partnership simplifies the access to satellite IoT and also reduces the cost of solutions, thanks to the LR1110 chip. Beepings is already in the pre-industrialization phase of its first solutions based on Kinéis space connectivity and is in a position to envision new, highly promising fields of application.”

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