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Actility partners with Rubicon Water to boost global irrigation efficiency

May 20, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Image by nuraghies on Freepik

Actility has announced a partnership with Rubicon Water. This collaboration is set to assist Rubicon in providing IoT technology to further enhance irrigation efficiency worldwide and tackle the exacerbating global challenges of water scarcity and agricultural productivity.

Rubicon Water’s flagship Total Channel Control (TCC) solution, autonomously manages water from the point of diversion down to the farm via a series of interconnected smart-gates that both measure and control water to reduce losses and enhance distribution efficiency from on average of around 60%, to 90%+.

Through this partnership, Actility’s expertise in IoT will integrate into Rubicon’s ecosystem of water management solutions. The collaboration has already seen the implementation of the TP Embedded (TPE) platform, enhancing device connectivity and operational efficiency. Actility’s LoRaWAN implementation offers significant stability enhancements in communicating end-to-end data packets across wide geographic areas, with the TPE providing a detailed interface of the IoT network operations.

Rubicon’s deployments across diverse geographies, including Australia, Italy and India, highlight the global application of their solutions. The technology is creating significant water savings globally, while reducing energy expenditure and enhancing on-farm productivity. As an example, one of Australia’s largest irrigation districts is conserving over 429 gigalitres of water annually.

Rubicon and Actility are committed to developing technology that is supporting the sustainable future of agriculture. With plans to launch solutions featuring ThingPark FUOTA (Firmware Update Over-the-Air) by late 2024, the partnership aims to introduce the capability to upgrade assets in remote areas, increasing application features, accessibility and performance.

This partnership represents a step forward in the challenge of managing global water resources more efficiently and sustainably.

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