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NetBurner launches new system-on-module for embedded device connectivity

May 14, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

circuit board close up with different connections

Image by Freepik

NetBurner has announced the launch of its latest solution, the SOMRT1061 system-on-module (SOM). With performance in a small 25.4mm size, it’s ideal for use as a main system processor, a network sub-processor, or even an encrypted Serial to Ethernet server.

“At NetBurner our ethos is to help our customers get to market quicker, easier and under budget,” said Dan Ciliske, an engineer at NetBurner. “From day one our mantra has been ‘Networking in One Day.’ What was true then is true now. We set out to develop a worthy successor to our single chip SBL2e product line: the SOMRT1061, with the same simplicity of a single chip, but with more performance, connectivity and security than ever before, and in a single square inch.”

The SOMRT1061 features an NXP i.MX RT1061 ARM Cortex M7 processor, expanded memory capacity, versatile connectivity options, extensive I/O capabilities and enhanced security abilities. With features like dual Ethernet, USB and 7 UARTs, it opens up a wide range of potential uses. Its compact form factor and low power requirements also make it a flexible choice for both the factory and the field.

NetBurner is committed to supporting engineers and integrators at every stage of their journey. The SOMRT1061 Development Kit provides developers with everything they need to learn, code, test and deploy industrial-quality embedded solutions with ease at an affordable price point, and the SOMRT1061 itself delivers exceptional performance at unbeatable prices in both low-volume and production quantities.

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