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Xyte and Monogoto introduce Xyte Anywhere for cloud connectivity

May 9, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Xyte and Monogoto have launched Xyte Anywhere, enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to guarantee cloud connectivity for their products regardless of end customers’ enterprise networks.

Through Xyte Device Cloud (XDC), device and hardware manufacturers can manage the complete lifecycle of their connected devices – from the minute they leave the warehouse to the moment they reach customers and through aftermarket sales. Managing this lifecycle requires access to data, which is dependent on a consistent connection to a network. This has forced OEMs to maintain numerous contracts with separate network providers across different locations.

With the release of Xyte Anywhere, XDC-equipped OEMs can preinstall Monogoto eSIMs directly and permanently in their devices. These devices will then be able to connect securely to their respective clouds via any of several hundred mobile providers that make up Monogoto’s cloud-based cellular network, which provides global coverage in more than 180 countries via 550 mobile networks. With non-stop connectivity, OEMs can conduct full remote management independently of an end customer’s enterprise network.

“Xyte supports connected device manufacturers in numerous markets. Our customers in turn support end users around the world. When customer bases are this expansive, remote connectivity is essential,” said Omer Brookstein, the CEO and co-founder of Xyte. “With Xyte Anywhere, our customers will always be able to collect and analyse device metrics, monitor device performance and proactively address potential issues. This advances our vision of end-to-end management for connected devices’ entire lifecycle.”

“Reliable access to data is a prerequisite for truly integrated business solutions. We are proud to be delivering the network connectivity that enables access to data practically anywhere,” said Itamar Kunik, CEO & Co-Founder of Monogoto. “Xyte Anywhere stands to make a big impact for OEMs in terms of remote management for connected devices. We look forward to playing a key role in ensuring that these OEMs can extract and analyse the data they need to serve their customers properly.”

Xyte will demo use cases of Xyte Anywhere at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona this May. The demos will take place in Hall 1 of Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue in the startup pavilion (D61).

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