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Telit Cinterion unveils new IoT reference design with Taoglas

April 9, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Telit Cinterion has announced a reference design board featuring the Telit Cinterion ELS62-W LTE Cat 1 bis + 2G module and the Taoglas PCS.50.A tunable antenna. This turnkey platform helps device OEMs, IoT service providers and other businesses minimise the expense and lead time of developing and launching smart sensors, wearables, asset trackers and other IoT solutions. 

The Telit Cinterion ELS62-W module supports global LTE bands, as well as 2G to maintain connectivity in places where LTE is unavailable. With peak download speeds of 10.2 Mbps and 5.2 Mbps uplinks, as well as VoLTE, the ELS62-W is ideal for a wide variety of low- and medium-bandwidth data and voice applications in verticals such as security and alarms or tracking and telematics.

The ELS62-W also supports eSIM and carries global certifications. Consequently, device OEMs can develop and launch products more rapidly and expand into multiple markets. Unhindered by physical SIM limitations they can manually achieve each certification.

Telit Cinterion and Taoglas draw on their longtime partnership to develop and verify the new reference design board, which features the Taoglas Universe PCS.50.A. The design of this active antenna is for ultra-compact IoT devices with small ground planes that require antenna tuning for optimal performance. The PCS.50.A combines aperture tuning and active switching technologies to provide wideband coverage for GNSS and most 4G cellular bands, including the 700 MHz band used by IoT applications in remote/rural areas and other challenging locations.

Taylor Kimmerle, a VP of global sales at Taoglas, said, “At Taoglas, we share Telit Cinterion’s commitment to original designs that deliver high-quality, reliable IoT solutions to our customers. The small size and high performance of our PCS.50.A combined with the Telit Cinterion ELS62-W module ensure optimal connectivity for even the most space-constrained IoT devices.”

“The IoT market is as competitive as it is complex, which means device OEMs, service providers and other businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to reduce the risk and lead time of getting their solutions to market,” said Marco Stracuzzi, a VP of product marketing at Telit Cinterion. “We collaborated with Taoglas to create a reference design that simplifies both the development and deployment processes. This solution offers an exceptional blend of performance, flexibility and quality for a single module and antenna design that provides a wideband coverage for most cellular networks worldwide.”

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