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Odido, Hansen, TNO and Gomibo secure funding for 6G monetisation project

February 22, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Odido, Hansen Technologies, TNO and Gomibo Platforms have announced that they have secured funding from the National Growth Fund. The companies have joined forces in a project aimed at monetising 6G technology.

The project is part of the Future Network Services (FNS) programme in the Netherlands, which recently received funding of over 61 million euros from the National Growth Fund. These funds are available until 2030 and will be used to invest in 6G innovations that are expected to boost the Dutch economy in the future.

A shift in the telco industry

The introduction of 6G is of great importance. The technology has the potential to change the way we use technologies and communicate with each other. 6G will therefore play a role in the further digitalisation and connectivity of our society. Good to know that the full potential of 5G will only be available somewhere in the summer of 2024. Nevertheless, it is still important to work on the introduction of 6G (expected to go live in 2030).

That is because 6G has a lot of advantages compared to 5G. This is due to a lack of innovation within the systems used by telecom operators to monetise telecom products and services.

Telecom companies have been constrained by existing legacy systems limited in their ability to support the creation and distribution of various 5G products and services. This limitation has resulted in high operational costs for telcos seeking to monetise 5G, and obstacles to innovation, particularly in the area of IoT. The lack of monetisation of 5G is a global challenge for many telcos and associated industries, slowing down innovation in IoT and economic growth.

Recognising the inevitable progression towards 6G communications networks, Gomibo Platforms, Odido, TNO and Hansen Technologies are taking proactive measures to overcome these challenges. The collaboration aims to anticipate and invest in 6G distribution channels.

Gomibo’s omnichannel platform for telcos

At the forefront of this initiative is Gomibo’s 6G omnichannel – a solution designed to empower telcos with an efficient distribution network for 6G products and services.

“By leveraging this omnichannel approach, we aim to provide telcos with the tools needed to utilise the full potential of 6G,” Jeroen Doorenbos, a co-founder of Gomibo Platforms, said. “We are proud to be a part of this project and strive to give everyone easy access to the digital world, regardless of where in the world they are located. By investing in future-proof distribution channels, we ultimately want to reduce operational costs for telcos and, as a result, enable end users to innovate freely in the ever-growing Internet of Things landscape.”

Enabling commercial agility with Hansen

In the evolving communications landscape, the key to success in a future 6G world lies in the ability to create a commercially agile operating model. Legacy architectures often hinder CSPs from fully embracing the potential of 5G and preparing for the advancements of 6G.

“By leveraging Hansen’s Suite for communications, technology and media, CSPs can break free from the constraints of outdated models, enabling efficient experimentation and the rapid deployment of innovative offerings,” said Brian Cappellani, a vice president of technology strategy at Hansen. “We are proud to lead the charge, together with Gomibo, Odido and TNO, towards a future where telecom operators can match the pace of modern ‘techcos,’ driving profitability and delivering exceptional value to customers.”

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