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Fractus settles patent litigation with Vivint

February 20, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Fractus has announced the settlement of its patent litigation with Vivint. This resolution serves as a moment for Fractus, highlighting the applicability of its technology beyond the mobile phone industry and into the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Fractus sued Vivint in October 2022 for infringement of its antenna technology patents for security systems (Case 2:22-cv-00413-JRG). The settlement underscores Fractus’ commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the tech industry.

Fractus’ antenna technology has proven its efficacy not only in the traditional mobile phone sector but also in the evolving landscape of IoT. This demonstrates the adaptability and resilience of Fractus’ technology.

“We are pleased to announce the resolution of our patent litigation with Vivint, reinforcing the value and versatility of Fractus’ antenna technology,” stated Ruben Bonet, the CEO at Fractus.

“This settlement not only confirms the applicability of our technology in the smart home security sector but also opens new possibilities for collaboration and licensing in the broader IoT industry,” said Jordi Ilario, a COO and VP of licensing.

Fractus is inviting companies in the IoT industry to explore licensing opportunities for its antenna technology. By obtaining a Fractus license, companies can harness the power of efficient connectivity, ensuring a competitive edge in an industry where communication is paramount.

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