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CSL launches Satellite for critical IoT connectivity

February 9, 2024

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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CSL, a company in Critical IoT Connectivity industry, has announced the launch of CSL Satellite. CSL Satellite provides Critical Connectivity to remote or challenging environments, where mobile or fixed broadband options are unavailable or unreliable.

This encrypted Critical Connectivity is provided via Starlink’s constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, along with CSL’s managed service which includes 24/7 support. As a result, CSL Satellite ensures better coverage and increased resilience for both land and maritime applications.

CSL’s low-cost coverage can be deployed with ease, allowing customers to get set up online as quickly as possible.

They offer three service plans:

CSL’s head of product, Andy Bromley, commented: “CSL has been an industry leader in providing Critical Connectivity to worldwide, leading brands for over 25 years. Adding satellite technology to its portfolio ensures they can deliver a truly global offering, both on land and for maritime applications.”

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