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InnoPhase’s global partner ecosystem unveiled

December 8, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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InnoPhase IoT Inc. is expanding its partner program to include worldwide design partners implementing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designs using Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE connectivity solutions for long battery life. Capitalising on its long-standing Application Specific Sensor to Cloud Reference Designs (HW/SW integrated IoT solutions) with silicon partners, InnoPhase IoT is creating a worldwide design partner ecosystem to productise and customise formulas that meet OEM requirements.

InnoPhase IoT works closely with its partners to achieve increased battery life, access to multiple clouds and easy access to domain-specific designs. Partners receive the expertise and design assistance they need, while concentrating on delivering the benefits of their particular competencies for the target OEM applications.

The global program includes a variety of companies that enable accelerated time to market for OEMs with established brands yet require greater expertise in wireless technology and end-to-end (E2E) Smart IoT Devices. OEMs work with design partners that help them address design complexities across a wide range of technologies and achieve answers customised to meet their specific requirements.

The program provides early access to InnoPhase IoT technology, close collaboration and dedicated support. Some partners are experiencing a reduction in time to market from 18-24 months to 6-9 months. Design partner expertise spans radio frequency (RF) system design, firmware, driver and cloud connectivity software, and E2E domain specific platforms. The result is an extensive variety of market-ready IoT vertical applications and use cases. Partners are in multiple geographic areas for easy access and collaboration.

“Our partnership programs are a definite win-win for both sides. Wireless IoT designs, especially battery or harvested energy based, now demand that we not only meet the stringent power and feature requirements, but also achieve that with reduced development timelines and costs for our worldwide OEM customers,” said Wiren Perera, a president and COO at InnoPhase IoT. “On average, solutions require approximately 10 technology competencies per platform. We embrace this challenge through expertise, continuous collaboration, and the best support available for our design partners.”

What our existing design partners have to say:


“InnoPhase IoT ultra-low-power Wi-Fi/BLE SoC module enhances NeuronicWorks’ ability to provide its OEMs faster time-to-market development and manufacturing solutions that are critical for IoT applications,” said Titu Botos, CEO and co-founder at NeuronicWorks.

United States of America:

“Many companies claim low-power IoT connectivity solutions, but a closer look shows that having the solutions that meet our requirements and getting them to work is problematic. That’s not the case with InnoPhase IoT. The availability of Talaria TWO technology combined with the company’s dedication, response and support made choosing InnoPhase IoT an easy decision,” said Dave Pulvermacher, a COO at Matrix PD.


“We’ve implemented Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE solutions in our thermostat products targeted at big boiler OEMs throughout Europe. Using InnoPhase IoT’s reference design software, available to design partners, we enable our customers to have seamless connectivity to AWS IoT core and ease of use through a BLE provisioning mobile application. Our partnership with InnoPhase IoT allows us to expand our capabilities and offer a time-to-market advantage by combining our award-winning design and innovation expertise with InnoPhase IoT’s approach to low-power, battery-based solutions,” said Simone Camporeale, marketing director at IOTINGA.


“As an embedded design services company, partnering with InnoPhase IoT is natural for us. We design OEM reference platforms to fully finished, fully tested and certified products for both consumer and industrial verticals. InnoPhase IoT’s know-how, video reference solution and the ease of working with them is invaluable,” said Venkat Prabhu, co-founder and CEO at Lemondrop Technologies.


“Partnerships today are extremely important. Collaborative efforts mean that our services can be expanded and more rapidly implemented than ever before. We’ve been impressed with the results of our work with InnoPhase IoT,” said Eisuke Yokoyama, Manager of Technosite.

In addition to the above companies, InnoPhase IoT also partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft cloud service platforms and such semiconductor partners as Ingenic, Nuvoton and STMicroelectronics. The partnership program goal is to grow a roster of high-quality design partners to deliver the best, broadest and most beneficial wireless ecosystem available well into the future.

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