World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE)

November 15, 2023

Posted by: IoT global network

Event date: August 8-10, 2024
Guangzhou, China

WBE will strive to break its own show size record again in 2024, expecting to occupy a total of 13 exhibition halls, amounting to 165,000 sq.m to bring together an estimated 2000+ premium exhibitors.

Giving overseas buyers a first-hand and in-depth look at China’s leading battery and battery equipment manufacturers, the highly recommended two-day factory tour program will make a grand comeback in 2024. We look forward to the active participation of more overseas visitors!

Live Events & Activities of WBE 2024

2024 China Battery Industry (Guangzhou) Summit | 2024 China Energy Storage Industry Ecology Conference | 2024 World Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference | 2024 Two-Day Factory Tour Program

Exhibitor Profile

1) All kinds of Batteries, Battery pack & cell, BMS

2) Energy Storage Products

3) Battery Charging & Swapping products

4) Raw Material and Components for all kinds of batteries

5) Battery manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and instrument

6) Battery recycling and international logistics

7) Hydrogen energy and hydrogen energy application area

Booth reservation for WBE 2024 is now open. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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