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Ooredoo Business and Huawei enhance Kuwait’s networking with CloudConnect

November 6, 2023

Posted by: Magda Dabrowska

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Ooredoo Business, in collaboration with Huawei, introduced CloudConnect which brings forth a transformative network-as-a-service (NaaS) solution, poised to revolutionize enterprise networking in Kuwait. The announcement was made at the GITEX GLOBAL conference.

Ooredoo’s introduction of Wi-Fi 7 is a significant development. Being one of the initial operators in Kuwait to offer Wi-Fi 7 exclusively for businesses, Ooredoo is striving to establish a new standard within the industry.

CloudConnect offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant network service powered by Huawei’s iMasterNCE-campus. This formula is designed to meet the diverse industry networking needs within Kuwait. By implementing CloudConnect, businesses can benefit from improved network efficiency, as well as enhanced data security and compliance with local regulations.

Ooredoo is one of the initial providers to offer Wi-Fi 7 technology to businesses in the country. With its improved speed and enhanced security measures, Wi-Fi 7 provides an advanced solution for businesses looking to stay connected and protected.

“We see it as a solution that perfectly aligns with Kuwait’s vision and development goals across various industries,” said Essa AlMoosa, an executive director of business and consumer sales at Ooredoo Kuwait. “One of the key features that sets it apart is the introduction of Wi-Fi 7, which revolutionizes business connectivity. Ooredoo is taking the lead in setting new standards for the future.”

“Our collaboration with Ooredoo Business in launching CloudConnect demonstrates our dedication to driving digital transformation in Kuwait,” said David Shi, a president of the enterprise business group at Huawei Middle East & Central Asia. “By leveraging Huawei’s technological expertise and innovation, CloudConnect has the potential to unlock the full capabilities of Kuwait’s multi-branch campus networks, all supported by Wi-Fi 7. This represents a significant stride towards achieving digital excellence.”

At GITEX, visitors had the chance to see for themselves how CloudConnect, which includes Wi-Fi 7, enhances corporate networks.